The Secrets to a Great Domain Name in 5 Easy Steps

Written by Joe Chapuis

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Once you locaterepparttar owner, don’t offer anything up front, just inquire (Remember this important rule of negotiating: The first to name a price usually loses). To get an idea of how much similar names are going for, first visit one ofrepparttar 108326 good domain name auction sites like

Step 4: Before you register a name (especially if you’re inrepparttar 108327 US), you may want to do a free search atrepparttar 108328 U.S. Patent and Trademark Office web site ( It’s a good way to see if your proposed domain name may potentially violate a registered federal trademark. Don’t assume that because it is available, it’s not trademarked. I've seen it happen. It could be a costly mistake if you assume and you're wrong.

In addition, there are also state and international trademark issues to consider. Internet and trademark law can be a bit overwhelming torepparttar 108329 uninitiated. Here’s a good summary of trademark-related questions: For more info on “CyberSpace Law”, check out

Other considerations and recommendations: - Stay away from hyphenated names unless you also ownrepparttar 108330 unhyphenated version (no one remembersrepparttar 108331 hyphen, and people will accidentally visit your competitor). - Opt for “.com” if possible. There may be more options with “.net” and “.org” (or any ofrepparttar 108332 other zillion new extensions), but “.com” is still king. People remember “.com”, and again, you don’t want to send prospects to your competitors. - Stay away from numbers (i.e. - sounds and looks cheesy; plus, it creates confusion if you advertise onrepparttar 108333 radio.

Step 5: You’ve done your homework, you’ve found a good, “benefits-focused” name, and you’re ready to buy. Here are few places you may want to register your domain name (I haven’t personally tried these, butrepparttar 108334 prices look good): - $8.95 - approx. $11 - $12 - $14.95

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll soon be on your way to finding a great, memorable, traffic-generating domain name (for aboutrepparttar 108335 price of a pizza).

Wishing you much online success...

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Public Domain

Written by Kevin Sullivan

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education in America today? What would happen if someone typed in ""? Misspellings of your domain count justrepparttar same asrepparttar 108325 correct one. Poor spellers, after all, need your services as much asrepparttar 108326 good ones do. If you're in doubt, find some people that don't already know your company's name. Tell themrepparttar 108327 name, and then have them write it out on paper. You might be surprised atrepparttar 108328 creative variations of your name they'll come up with. Reserve those "mistake" names- they'll count as hits, too. Real-life example- Hewlett-Packard. Notrepparttar 108329 easiest name to spell, right? Their official website at can also be reached by,, and other assorted misspellings. OK, you make widgets. You should have "". If you make red widgets, you should also own "". If you make small widgets, you should get "" and so on. You spend your time marketing these product names, you should expect that someone would remember it and go looking for it online. Real-life example- Procter & Gamble. P&G owns around 200 domains, including,,,, and many, many more.

Having these domains gives you a competitive advantage. You can get more traffic just from these simple tricks. I've seen webmasters spend a lot of money on advertising, hiring search-engine submission specialists andrepparttar 108330 like. Now thatrepparttar 108331 cost of domains has dropped more than 50% inrepparttar 108332 past year (less than $15.00 atrepparttar 108333 company I consult for), it's actually one ofrepparttar 108334 more affordable things you can do to getrepparttar 108335 eyeballs to your site.

Kevin Sullivan is a consultant for the domain registrar Kevin has been in the domain registration business for about 2 years, ever since ICANN mandated open competition. Kevin can be reached online at or by emailing"

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