"The Secrets of the Rich."

Written by George Papazoglou

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Who Actually Limits your Options to Creating Wealth?

"They" will appear as "evangelists of success"... those arerepparttar very same "zombies" that are infected with a virus developed byrepparttar 122518 most diabolical minds on planet earth; "they" (the zombies) harmonically gospelrepparttar 122519 very same anthem... usingrepparttar 122520 same words and arguments to talk you into joining "their opportunity".

The Good,repparttar 122521 Bad andrepparttar 122522 Ugly (stereotype but so true!)

-> The Guru: He can be good or bad like every human being. His teachings may "make you or break you" - no further analysis needed.

-> The Evangelist: He / She, likerepparttar 122523 Guru, might be good or bad. The Evangelist may be "in good spirit", or a "zombie" (bad spirit). Just likerepparttar 122524 Evil disguises with an angelic outlook, just alike...repparttar 122525 Evangelists are "pure or devilish".

-> The Ugly: Not a zombie. Just an entity which is "set to failure". Nobody can help this category of people. They are not good, nor necessarily bad - but they are ugly; nobody would "lay a wager on them".

Which category suits you best? That'srepparttar 122526 rhetorical question which I'll wholly leave up to you. It's your choice after all.

If you could "trace-rout" my personal crusade towards financial independence, you'd distinguish all ofrepparttar 122527 pre-mentioned "factors of negativity".

As my income grew with mathematical precision along with allrepparttar 122528 untarnished values I managed to develop throughoutrepparttar 122529 years of persistence, innovation and inspiration, most of my goals finally materialized.

I never followedrepparttar 122530 paradigms and gospels ofrepparttar 122531 "zombies". I never bought any Microsoft shares. I never protested torepparttar 122532 several misfortunes that set me back. I actually never followedrepparttar 122533 universal laws of economy - what would happen if I did?

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Accelerating Your Downlines

Written by Chris Brown

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Give Tools Any tool you find, whether it's a free eBook, a link to a good web site, a vendor for inexpensive print materials or even a sales letter that you have had success with can be very beneficial to your downline members. Quality tools will inspire your team members and give them creative ideas for their own techniques and tools.

I know of a very successful internet marketer that gives a free website torepparttar people in his downline; he has built a very successful team of motivated associates by setting up small sites for his team members and showing them how to attract visitors. I have also heard of people directing opt-in email leads to their high performance team members as incentives. Ideas like these may seem advanced, but an accelerated downline is a quality investment, right?

Check Up on Your Team From time to time, send out an email to your team that asks for feedback about how you can assist them. If you don't already maintain a mailing list for your downline then you should start building one now.

Send out messages with new tips, techniques, ideas, praises and anything that you think might be helpful to them. This will let your members know that you are there and that you care.

Conclusion A powerful downline is one of your most important assets in multi-tier business; keep your team up to date with powerful tips and tools.

I've given you a starting point; take these thoughts and get creative. Put these ideas to work for your self and share this article with your team members; their accelerated downline is your accelerated downline.

Chris Brown runs SuperiorIncome.com, an informative site, dedicated to those of us who work from home or really want to make money. If you are interested in *top quality* home business opportunities, tips about making money online and help from a straightforward friend that works from home, Grab a subscription to the F`R`E`E newsletter today at: http://www.SuperiorIncome.com

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