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Written by Lil Waldner

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If everybody doesrepparttar same!

Have you ever thought what happens, if everybody doesrepparttar 142114 same, if thousands userepparttar 142115 same methods in order to get a top ranking in a certain category? Only a few of thousands will make it torepparttar 142116 top, even if everybody usesrepparttar 142117 same tricks. It’s by random to get torepparttar 142118 top, apart fromrepparttar 142119 right methods, dedicated work and persistence.

Open hints

The internet is full of free accessible hints about search engine optimization. A lot of stuff is spread out what has to be done in order to get high link popularity, high Page Rank and traffic torepparttar 142120 website. Let’s have a look to some credible sources! The Member Area of Srub The Web offers an Optimization Overview and a downloadable Search Engine Secrets Report. A link atrepparttar 142121 website of leads to a free link pop guide that shows how to increaserepparttar 142122 link popularity. At last, but not at least: The google page let’s peep throughrepparttar 142123 curtain.

A world without secrets?

If there were no secrets, people would figure out secrets. People needrepparttar 142124 excitement about secrets. Readers who enjoy huntingrepparttar 142125 secrets may dive inrepparttar 142126 thriller “The Da Vinci Code” byrepparttar 142127 famous author Dan Brown. Enjoyrepparttar 142128 secrets of…

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Lil Waldner is a business economist. She is experienced in project management and marketing. She has worked for public entities as well as for private companies. She has worked as editor of newspapers and she has written booklets and essays with economic and public issues.

Link Building 101

Written by Brett Hart

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Who are your top competitors?

It is important to seek out your top competitors,repparttar websites that are ranking onrepparttar 141796 first page of search results for your keywords. Knowing who is atrepparttar 141797 top, and who links to them isrepparttar 141798 first and foremost part of link building.

Who links to them?

Returning to our link building is like life analogy, imagine you operate a linen laundry. As a linen laundry owner, you wouldn't want to network with people who are involved in high technology or manufacturing. You would want to network with people who are inrepparttar 141799 hospitality or closely related industries. Restaurants, hotels or people who interact with them on a frequent basis. That is if we have a website that deals withrepparttar 141800 latest widgets and widget reviews, we wouldn't want to waste time seeking links from automobile manufacturers (unlessrepparttar 141801 widgets are automobile related). We want links from other widget and widget related websites.

The easiest way to determine who is linking to your top competitors is to userepparttar 141802 link: command in your search engine of choice,repparttar 141803 Google link command seems to be broken, so use a search engine other then Google. For an example we will use a fictional company Widgetreviews, withrepparttar 141804 URL of Widgetreviews is atrepparttar 141805 top ofrepparttar 141806 search engines for your search term “widget reviews”. Because of this, we want to see who links to Widgetreviews. Just enter “link:” (without quotation marks) into your favorite SE, other then Google of course.

Follow this procedure forrepparttar 141807 top 5 or 6 sites that use your keywords. Compile a list competitor websites and their incoming links. We will userepparttar 141808 list as a source for our link building strategy.

Asking for a link

We now have a list of website pages that link to widgetreviews and can now see if we can get our site listed onrepparttar 141809 page as well. You will need to visitrepparttar 141810 pages listed. It is important that when you write an email to a webmaster that it is obvious you have visitedrepparttar 141811 site yourself and that it is not a machine generated email (spam). You will need to determinerepparttar 141812 email address ofrepparttar 141813 person you need to send your request to, be sure to state why you deserve to be listed on their page, as well as a few compliments about their website, and your contact information. Be courteous and succinct most webmasters have little time to deal with their daily tasks. Most important, ask for link text that uses your keywords, not your company name. Using our widget example, you would ask for a link withrepparttar 141814 text “widget reviews”, or in HTML Widget Reviews.

Reciprocal links

Generally, reciprocal links are not weighted as heavily as non reciprocal links. I usually only offer reciprocal link if I really want a link from high traffic site that demands a reciprocal link.

How many links do you need?

Your work at link building will never end. The good news is that as your site becomes an authority on your subject matter, websites will link to you on their own.

Your options

You have three options when it comes to link building. Hire someone, don't worry about it or Do It Yourself.

The first option is a good option, but, it can be very expensive. Professional link builders often charge $20 a link +repparttar 141815 cost ofrepparttar 141816 link (yes, websites sell links). As you can see, this can add up quickly. Building a hundred links through a professional link builder could easily cost $2,000!

The don't worry about it option doesn't cost a thing. But, don't expect any traffic. The World Wide Web is a collection of links. Each site pointing to other sites. Without links, your otherwise brilliant and insightful website will slowly die a horrible lonely death.

This article is written withrepparttar 141817 DYI'er in mind. I wish you good luck in your link building adventures!

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