The Secret to a Prosperous Life, Online or Off - Part 3

Written by Mary Wilkey

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There is an old song called "You've Gotta Have Heart." That's what everything is all about, folks. A head with no heart is a dead head. There is another song called "Follow Your Heart." It's just another way of saying "followingrepparttar leading ofrepparttar 131482 Spirit." Go with your heart's desire.

If you're "all about business," do what your heart tells you, even if there appears to be little or no money in it atrepparttar 131483 beginning. If you do what you love,repparttar 131484 money will come. And what good is all repparttar 131485 money inrepparttar 131486 world anyway if you are miserable, because you haven't found your niche?

Onrepparttar 131487 other hand, I don't mean to imply that you should abandon good common sense and go off "half cocked." Listen to your heart, but do not neglect your responsibilities.

This is where sound judgment comes in. Faith is never logical. Andrepparttar 131488 heart rarely is. Somewhere between illogical faith and love on one side ofrepparttar 131489 scale and logical hope and aspirations onrepparttar 131490 other is that beautiful balance that will allow you to "have it all."

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Becoming Assertive

Written by Mike Moore

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6. Assertive behaviour supports your own dignity, while aggressive behaviour demeansrepparttar dignity of others.

7. Toxic people usually put others down when relating to them , with a look of distain, a sarcastic remark or direct verbal bullying.

8. You must haverepparttar 131480 courage to be assertive.

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