The Secret to Success.

Written by Fernando Soave

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threads, and buttons to sell which people did not want, and had them left on his hands, a dead loss. Saidrepparttar boy, ``I will not lose any more money in that way.'' Then he went around first torepparttar 122519 doors and askedrepparttar 122520 people what they did want. Then when he had found out what they wanted he invested his 62 <1/2> cents to supply a known demand. Study it wherever you choose--in business, in your profession, in your housekeeping, whatever your life, that one thing isrepparttar 122521 secret of success. You must first knowrepparttar 122522 demand. You must first know what people need, and then invest yourself where you are most needed. A. T. Stewart went on that principle until he was worth what amounted afterward to forty millions of dollars, owningrepparttar 122523 very store in which Mr. Wanamaker carries on his great work in New York. His fortune was made by his losing something, which taught himrepparttar 122524 great lesson that he must only invest himself or his money in something that people need. When will you salesmen learn it? When will you manufacturers learn that you must knowrepparttar 122525 changing needs of humanity if you would succeed in life? Apply yourselves, as manufacturers or merchants or workmen to supply that human need. It is a great principle as broad as humanity.


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Fernando Soave is the author of "Cutting Edge MLM News." He has been in marketing for 20 years and is helping individuals succeed online. Visit his site to find out how you can get free reports.

"The Secrets of the Rich."

Written by George Papazoglou

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Who Actually Limits your Options to Creating Wealth?

"They" will appear as "evangelists of success"... those arerepparttar very same "zombies" that are infected with a virus developed byrepparttar 122518 most diabolical minds on planet earth; "they" (the zombies) harmonically gospelrepparttar 122519 very same anthem... usingrepparttar 122520 same words and arguments to talk you into joining "their opportunity".

The Good,repparttar 122521 Bad andrepparttar 122522 Ugly (stereotype but so true!)

-> The Guru: He can be good or bad like every human being. His teachings may "make you or break you" - no further analysis needed.

-> The Evangelist: He / She, likerepparttar 122523 Guru, might be good or bad. The Evangelist may be "in good spirit", or a "zombie" (bad spirit). Just likerepparttar 122524 Evil disguises with an angelic outlook, just alike...repparttar 122525 Evangelists are "pure or devilish".

-> The Ugly: Not a zombie. Just an entity which is "set to failure". Nobody can help this category of people. They are not good, nor necessarily bad - but they are ugly; nobody would "lay a wager on them".

Which category suits you best? That'srepparttar 122526 rhetorical question which I'll wholly leave up to you. It's your choice after all.

If you could "trace-rout" my personal crusade towards financial independence, you'd distinguish all ofrepparttar 122527 pre-mentioned "factors of negativity".

As my income grew with mathematical precision along with allrepparttar 122528 untarnished values I managed to develop throughoutrepparttar 122529 years of persistence, innovation and inspiration, most of my goals finally materialized.

I never followedrepparttar 122530 paradigms and gospels ofrepparttar 122531 "zombies". I never bought any Microsoft shares. I never protested torepparttar 122532 several misfortunes that set me back. I actually never followedrepparttar 122533 universal laws of economy - what would happen if I did?

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