The Secret to Return Traffic on Your Website

Written by Andrew A. DeMuth

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"What's New" Section A small table on your index page entitled "What's New" is an excellent way of demonstrating that your site is updated frequently, thus enticing visitors to return.

Email Subscription If you operate a niche site, you're probably getting visitors who are very interested in your topic. Offer a monthly newsletter or bulletin service where you will notify visitors of breaking news and other large happenings in your niche. Mailings are nice because they give you big traffic spikes when you need them. (Don't overdo it though. Only email when you have something to say, or recipients won't open them)

Ofrepparttar Week! Create a section for a quote ofrepparttar 148248 week, photo ofrepparttar 148249 week, tip ofrepparttar 148250 week, etc. If you do this carefully and with excellent content, it will draw visitors back each week.

Half Articles Let's say there is some large happening in your niche. You can write an article on what happened and make clear that you will postrepparttar 148251 outcome when it occurs. Simply, instead of waiting forrepparttar 148252 whole issue to pass by, writerepparttar 148253 piece half way through followed by a "more to come."

While it's great to put milk on a site, you also need to make sure that you are not driving traffic away.

Here are some things that reduce return traffic:

Excessive Page Loading Times - Often caused by too many graphics, sound, crazy effects, etc.

Poor design and site navigation Poor grammar, spelling, etc.

Writing in all capitals or fonts too large

Lack of Updated Content

Pages cluttered with too many ads

These are just a few suggestions. If you do some brainstorming, you can come up with even more content that will work as milk on your site.

Someone once said "the best source of new customers are you existing customers." That is as true today as it was when it was said.

Getting new visitors is fine, but take action to retain your current visitors.

Andrew A. DeMuth is a long-time small business owner and police officer with extensive experience in marketing. He currently runs one of the nations largest law enforcement websites, and has authored many articles for both and other periodicals.

Website Starters: Personal Web Pages

Written by Sid John

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Colleges, Universities and Companies

If you attend a large college or university or if you’re employed by a relatively large and tech savvy company you might have a space already that you can use to setup your web page. Just be aware these institutions usually set very strict guidelines on what type of content is allowed on their pages.

So if you want to explore a particular type of hobby or music, you’re going to be better off with a free blog or webpage that is not linked to a corporation. They’ll also have an agreement, but other than porn and hate speech you can get away with almost anything onrepparttar free blogs and free personal web pages.

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