The Secret to Big Traffic, Fast

Written by Joe Chapuis

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Thanks, Mike - great stuff.

Here are a few other tips to keep in mind:

Readrepparttar fine print onrepparttar 125222 submission pages. For example, by submitting to InternetDay , you're promising that "the Content has not been published before, in whole or in part, in any form."

Don't makerepparttar 125223 editor weed through too much fluff atrepparttar 125224 top to get to your article. Put your byline or bio information atrepparttar 125225 bottom (the important stuff about you), as well as any re-print terms and conditions. Also, you may not want to be too particular about these terms. Your goal is to get published. If you place excessive restrictions on your article (e.g. "You must do this and that... blah... blah..."), then you're just begging to haverepparttar 125226 editor hit "delete".

Try to makerepparttar 125227 editor's job easier. I usually include something like this atrepparttar 125228 top ofrepparttar 125229 submission:

----------------------------------------------- Title: "This is your catchy headline / title" #Words: 400 Creation Date: June 20, 2001 Written and Copyrighted 2001 by: Your Name Bio: Directly after article Reprint conditions: Bottom of this page Formatting: Text / No word wrap Author's Picture: -----------------------------------------------

You may not always knowrepparttar 125230 length requirements for any given publication before you submit. Therefore, you may want to includerepparttar 125231 following line with submissions torepparttar 125232 big boys: "Article can be edited for length upon request." Mike asked me to chop off 250 words from one of my articles because it was too long. It got published (and ended up being better) because I offered to edit it beforehand.

Remember, your article is competing with many others forrepparttar 125233 attention of an information-overloaded editor with a deadline. You need to think of your title as a headline. Any good copy writer will tell yourepparttar 125234 headline isrepparttar 125235 most important part ofrepparttar 125236 ad. If your title is weak, why wouldrepparttar 125237 editor readrepparttar 125238 article? For that matter, why would any one else read it, either? But remember what Mike said: "Stay away from gimmicks that belong in ad copy."

When you're ready to go forrepparttar 125239 big time, here are a few high-visibility newsletters (along with subscription claims) that accept ebiz/marketing articles:

DEMC - 260,000 - GazetteWorld - 250,000 - InternetDay - 100,000 - Clickz - 50,000 -

If you don't think your expertise will appeal to these publications, you can list your articles with these free "general content" web sites:

Now don't just sit there - get writing! Good luck.

Wishing you much success...

Joe Chapuis is a self-employed internet business consultant and online publisher who swears he'll never work for someone else again. His free report: The 10 Commandments of Online Success™ and free email newsletter will show you how to get "amazing results online, fast." Subscribe Here » » »

Maybe You Need A Belt And Suspenders!

Written by John Colanzi

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Here's my simple plan for keeping my business growth on target.

1. Some of my articles are already scheduled to run in one ofrepparttar oldest off-line mail order tabloids, starting with their next issue.

2. I'm looking for more mail order tabloids that run articles, for future submission.

3. I'm pumping up my daily direct mailings. As sales build I'll start using profits to increaserepparttar 125221 number of mailings per day.

4. I'm advertising in more co-publishable publications.

Why co-publishable, I can accept ads from other marketers to offset my marketing costs.

Use co-publishable publications properly and you'll have a wide circulation of your ads with zero expense.

I'm prepared for whatever happens. Are you?

I hope so!

Wishing You Success

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