The Secret for Overcoming Procrastination

Written by Dr. Robert Anthony

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This encompassesrepparttar changes in lifestyle we will have to make in order to achieve our dreams. Also, what others will think.

In order to haverepparttar 143850 success you want and deserve, you must answer and resolve these two simple questions.

Okay, so what do you do?

First, turn offrepparttar 143851 phone, TV, stereo, and all other distractions. Then get a pen and paper and write atrepparttar 143852 top ofrepparttar 143853 page:

“The benefits of NOT realizing my dream are:”

List a minimum of 20. If you can’t “think” of any, then just “guess” and write them down. Aboutrepparttar 143854 time you reach 10-15, you subconscious mind will take over. Write anything that comes to mind, no matter how trivial or insignificant.

Just allow your mind to wander and go where it takes you. Get as specific as possible.

Very few get past this point before they have some very interesting answers come up.

Now ask yourself how your fear or procrastination has served you thus far. Realizerepparttar 143855 fear is there for a specific purpose. Findrepparttar 143856 purpose and ask yourself if it still serves you to have this fear. Perhaps it is time to let go of this fear and stop procrastinating once and for all.

When you have lostrepparttar 143857 need forrepparttar 143858 fear, you will just naturally let it go (if you are ready to do so).

And when you let it go, you will be free to move towardrepparttar 143859 thing you say you want----and you’ll do it with ease and joy.

Are you ready to stop procrastinating or are you going to put if off a little longer? The choice is yours.

In life you can only have two things - Reasons or Results - and Reasons don’t count! You either have what you want, or you have “reasons” why you don’t have it.

Procrastination is a disease. The cure is convincing yourself that it no longer serves you.

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The Secret to this Famous Singer's Success

Written by Jason M. Gracia

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The doctors atrepparttar time said he would be lucky to live to 16. In other words, his time was limited.

And this was his secret. He knewrepparttar 143315 truth. He knew what we all have such a hard time accepting: Life is short.

You can't just say it, you can't just hear it. You have to know it, believe it, and feel it.

Because Darin knew his time was limited, he packed as much life as he could intorepparttar 143316 time he had. But he had an unfair advantage. He knew, without a doubt, his time was limited.

There was no fooling himself, no putting it off. It was now or never.

And only when you get that kind of feeling inside you will you enjoyrepparttar 143317 same remarkable life. So how can you do it?

'WHAT CAN I DO?' To begin, use Bobby Darin's story. Think about what you would do if you knew you only had a few more years to go for it.

Think about that right now. What could you do if you had that kind of mindset? Where would you be right now if you packed as much life as you could intorepparttar 143318 time you had?

Next, I want you to think of your own personal example of this idea. Because Bobby Darin isn't a major figure in your life, his story won't make as much of an impact as someone or something much closer to you.

When you think about life being short, who or what comes to mind? Use that idea, focus on it. Let it drive you to makerepparttar 143319 most of your time.

Life feels long and passes quickly. Don't be fooled. Get out there and start packing more life into what time you have.

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Jason M. Gracia is a personal and professional motivation expert sharing the true meaning and method of motivation to those looking to quickly and easily change and improve.

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