The Secret Weapons of Success

Written by Sopan Greene, M.A.,

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- Seek out mentors. Find people who are where you want to be. Read about them, contact them and ask how they got there.

Getting you to do these things isrepparttar hard part. Not because you don't want to. It's because our busy lives can be filled mostly with negative media and negative people. You can get out of this trap if you stay awake and aware to filtering negativity out of your life. This will change your life in ways nothing else will. So it's worth it.

The second success factor ties into this. It's ACTION. The single worst enemy of a human being is procrastination. It steals your time and nothing is more valuable than your time. Wasting time is wasting your life.

If you are building a business online you need to take action by making a business plan, reading it daily and most importantly - workingrepparttar 117160 plan. Don't just think about it. Even if you can only put in 5 hours a week. Plan out when you will work and what you will do when you work. Then don't let anything keep you from sticking to your plan.

By taking repeated actions to build your business you can tell your brain what you value. It will lead you to wake up with breakthrough ideas. You'll start coming into contact with people that think like you and who can help you climbrepparttar 117161 ladder of success. You'll keep laying one brick at a time and suddenly you'll look back to see you built a road that leads torepparttar 117162 success you want.

Now you've gotrepparttar 117163 secret weapons for success. Keep your mind focused and clean. Take daily actions to build your dreams.

Sounds simple, but it's easier said than done. Just do it.

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Working at Home Doesn't Have to Mean Feeling Alone

Written by Vishal P. Rao

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5) Go torepparttar movies

Chances are those people you love who spend 8-10 hours a day inrepparttar 117159 outside world probably want to rent a DVD, microwave some popcorn, and watch a film inrepparttar 117160 comfort of their living rooms instead of venturing out intorepparttar 117161 dark, crowded, and sticky-floored world of theaters. You, however, should resistrepparttar 117162 urge. Watching a movie in public with a group of people around isrepparttar 117163 ultimate socialization experience. Even though you don't know everyone inrepparttar 117164 theater, you are connected for those two hours (or however longrepparttar 117165 movie runs). Of course, if you can take your spouse, your friends, your children, or even your parents along, you definitely should. But if they'd rather stay home and vegetate onrepparttar 117166 couch, you can always go alone.

6) Buy a laptop computer

Owning a home-based business doesn't mean you are never allowed to leave your house. Of course, you don't want to miss out on valuable work, but you also don't want to a prisoner in your home office. If you buy a laptop, you can haverepparttar 117167 best of both worlds. You'll stay connected to your work and you can actually go out intorepparttar 117168 world. You can work while you sip coffee, relax atrepparttar 117169 park, or sit on your front porch. All of which will give you a much-needed chance to reconnect withrepparttar 117170 rest ofrepparttar 117171 world.

7) Get a part-time job

You probably started your own home-based business to escaperepparttar 117172 rat race so you might be hesitant about getting back out there. Even ten hours a week is enough to keep you sane, but should not be enough to drive you crazy. One freelance writer I know who works out of her home also teaches a five hour weekly writing course to college students in order to rejuvenate after hours of isolation. The class lets her be social, do something she enjoys, and earn a reliable stream of additional income. The effects of a part-time could be equally beneficial for you.

As you may have noticed, all of these ideas have one thing in common: they force you to leave your home. The reason is thatrepparttar 117173 only way to feel like you're not isolated, is to not isolate yourself. Taking a few minutes each day to talk to your working friends onrepparttar 117174 phone, to stroll through nature, or to spend quality time with your family is all it really takes to keep your productive and happy.

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