The Secret To Creating A Great Reputation For Your Online Business

Written by Alex Parker

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Advertise your great reputation in ezines, on your website, on other websites, in banner ads, in text ads and on discussion boards. Use testimonials from satisfied customers to boost your credibility when you tellrepparttar world all about your great reputation.

Once you have started to gain a good reputation, how do you keep it? At a minimum, dorepparttar 125078 following:

1. Provide a quality product or service: This should be obvious but some may need to hear it. If your product breaks onrepparttar 125079 first use or if your service stinks then thereís no way to gain a great reputation. Customers know when they have been scammed and they will let everyone else know it too.

2. Provide quality customer service: Reply promptly to all customer problems and requests for assistance.

3. Give refunds: If you absolutely canít satisfyrepparttar 125080 customer then refund his money in a prompt and courteous manner.

4. Conduct follow up customer surveys: Ask customers to complete a survey regarding your product or service. Make sure to include space onrepparttar 125081 survey for general comments. Pay close attention to statements made in this section. If a customer goes out of her way to write it out then it is important information.

5. Donate to charity: If your budget allows, make a point of donating a percentage of your profits to a worthy cause. Make sure you advertise this fact as much as possible. People love to feel that they are helping others.

You really should tryrepparttar 125082 suggestions youíve read in this article. After all, as you may know, I have a fabulous reputation inrepparttar 125083 online community.

Keep Learning and Keep Promoting!


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"Designing the PDF Sampler"

Written by Howard Hopkins

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The meat ofrepparttar Sampler came next. I used a excerpt from one ofrepparttar 125077 stories inrepparttar 125078 book, just a short few- page passage to whetrepparttar 125079 appetite of potential horror readers. By that point, I was hopingrepparttar 125080 reader would be hooked, but for good measure added a page of review excerpts and a listing ofrepparttar 125081 other five books I had available. I capped it off with another placement ofrepparttar 125082 ordering url and a brief author bio, then hitrepparttar 125083 PDF button. (If your don't haverepparttar 125084 adobe software, Adobe offers five free conversions on their site:

I would suggest trying to keeprepparttar 125085 file as small as possible, so you can send it a number of places and not ask too much ofrepparttar 125086 receiver's time for downloading. Big files can be intimidating, especially on machines using lower BPS modems. Once finished, offer your Sampler free to anyone interested. Uploaded it to your webpage, and offer it in press releases.

Anyone interested in taking a peak at mine and using it as a blueprint can download it straight from my homepage inrepparttar 125087 ebook section ( or request it from me at

Howard Hopkins is the author of six horror and western ebooks from Atlantic Bridge Publishing ( under his own name and more than twenty print westerns under the penname Lance Howard. His novels can be purchased at, and and he lives in Maine.

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