The Secret Shady Practices of Affiliate Marketing

Written by Keith Rougvie

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Affiliates - protect yourselves from this situation by selectingrepparttar affiliate program carefully.

Ask yourself these questions.

Hasrepparttar 147770 site existed for more than a year? Is it clear whatrepparttar 147771 site is providing and arerepparttar 147772 terms and conditions ofrepparttar 147773 affiliate program explained clearly and comprehensively in simple language? Are there good online reviews ofrepparttar 147774 program in websites or discussion forums? Doesrepparttar 147775 program provide realtime commission stats online? Are ready-to-use affiliate marketing tools available?

Shady Practice #2

Affiliates are sometimes guilty of misleading or false advertising - making claims or promises aboutrepparttar 147776 product or services which are totally untrue or greatly exaggerated.

Shady Practice #3

Illegal use of logos, trademarks or other branding. This includes infringement of intellectual property rights and violation of copyrights.

Shady Practice #4


While legitimate affiliates are jumping through hoops to comply withrepparttar 147777 can-spam laws,repparttar 147778 shady characters continue to find their way around it.

Shady Practice #5

Affiliate link hijacking isrepparttar 147779 replacement of your affiliate id withrepparttar 147780 hijacker's inrepparttar 147781 affiliate link.

You donít get your rightful commission -repparttar 147782 hijacker gets it instead by buying through his own affiliate link.

It's best if you can avoid displaying your affiliate link and affiliate ID inrepparttar 147783 browser address bar.

One technique uses a zero-frame or invisible frame to make it appear you are sending visitors to a page on your website when, in fact, you are really sending them to your affiliate link.

To preventrepparttar 147784 hijacker from viewingrepparttar 147785 web page's source code to see that you've loaded an affiliate link, use javascript encryption to scramblerepparttar 147786 page code or software to preventrepparttar 147787 source code from being viewed.

Make no mistake about it...

In any area of human activity, particularly where there is money to be made, there will always be people who try to cheat, exploitrepparttar 147788 gullible and do harm.

The proper way to engage in affiliate marketing is to act ethically, build a relationship of trust with your prospects and customers then provide value by consistently exceeding your customers expectations.

And this applies to any business either online or offline.

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The Sensible Way To Earn Money With Google AdSense!

Written by Shrinivas Vaidya

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This is whererepparttar real opportunity has come up for online newcomers. Most people put a lot of energy in finding "high paying" keywords or simply purchase a database of "high paying keywords", create a small website aroundrepparttar 147744 keyword, put AdSense code in it and start generating traffic which might click onrepparttar 147745 ad and expect to get paid high.

But here isrepparttar 147746 real kicker! The amount which you get paid is dependent of 5 different factors. Some ofrepparttar 147747 factors are out ofrepparttar 147748 control ofrepparttar 147749 webmaster (you).

For example if a keyword phrase pays something around $14 to $15 per click. Most people think that even if they get a 1% click through rate, that is 1 person clicks out of 100 visiting their website, Google will put $14 in my account. Yes it's true, but not always!

The amount which you get paid, depends on which ad gets shown on your website. The ad which gets shown on your website is dependent uponrepparttar 147750 relevancy and lot more other factors.

The true success with AdSense lies not on targeting only "high paying" keywords, but with focusing on creating highly informative content and getting repeat visitors. Google loves content. If you provide it on your website you will automatically get more visitors and increaserepparttar 147751 possibility of high click through rate which leads to more income to you and Google.

So, learn to build traffic first and then fine tune your website with AdSense script to start earning immediately. The true success with AdSense is with generating content rich pages and attracting traffic. "High paying keywords" is a secondary factor with AdSense

Copyright 2005 Shrinivas Vaidya

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