The Secret Of Hitting People’s Buying Trigger!

Written by Grady Smith

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3) You’ve Got To Create A Mental Picture

Can you tell me how life will be different after I purchase your product. Can you make it descriptive and excite me?

Which of these works better at exciting you?

“Picture working from home with no boss, no deadlines, and great money”!


“Imagine walking in my shoes…..working from a laptop from anywhere I like in my motor home. No one to tell me I have to go to work when I don’t feel up to it. A couple of hours of simple, pleasing work that I really enjoy and tons of free time. The option to stay up late, watch game 7 ofrepparttar world series, and then sleeping in until whenever. That’srepparttar 127474 true freedom of working from home”!

Which excites you more?

Learn how to pull your prospects trigger by putting yourself in their shoes. Done right, it’srepparttar 127475 most effective sales tool you’ll ever find.

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The "No Nonsense" Guide To Increasing Your Online Sales

Written by Ray P. Velazquez

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Write your own "Privacy Policy" reassuringrepparttar visitor on how you use their information. Inform them that their personal info is completely safe and secure, and that NO info will be sold to third-parties or used as spam.

When shopping online, I like to seerepparttar 127473 following:

* Anti-spam policy * Secure credit card processing policy * Privacy statement * Terms and conditions

It makesrepparttar 127474 business feel much more established and professional. And let's face it, that'srepparttar 127475 kind of company that you want to do business with, isn't it?


Still using that free Geocities business page? Oh please. Get yourself a professional image. You'll need your own domain name, a web hosting solution, and a nice site design to even begin to impress your customers.

People say to me "Ray, why isn't my website selling?" My response is usually "Well, would YOU trust a site like yours?". It needs to be professional, visually appealing, and full ofrepparttar 127476 info consumers need to see.

If it screams "scam", then your consumers will think "scam". It's common sense really. Start treating your Internet business as a proper business and actually devoterepparttar 127477 EFFORT required into making it appealing.


I've lost count atrepparttar 127478 amount of times I've pulled out my credit card to purchase a product online, then realized thatrepparttar 127479 company only ships to one country... or they don't accept my payment method altogether.

Make your customer feel at ease. Include full ordering and shipping information BEFORE they purchase, so they know exactly what's going on every step ofrepparttar 127480 way.

I love ordering from Amazon because they go out of their way to ensurerepparttar 127481 smoothest and easiest ordering experience possible. Compare yourself to Amazon... just how easy is it to order from you? Do you accept all major credit cards, and international check payments too?

They're my five points of successfully establishing your credibility. The rest just comes as common sense.

Treat your customers as you'd except to be treated too and in turn, they'll never query your credibility or need to worry about buying from you again.

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