The Search Engine Blues

Written by Jennifer Durocher

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The least technically important isrepparttar graphic design aspect inasmuch as search engine indexing does not includerepparttar 125225 look and feel in how they rank your site. However, from a surfer's point of view,repparttar 125226 graphics are probablyrepparttar 125227 most important. If you are focusing on repeat business as your primary income, then if it does not look nice, people just will not come back. This includes everything fromrepparttar 125228 images found on your site, torepparttar 125229 layout andrepparttar 125230 usability (user-friendliness). Another brief topic of concern isrepparttar 125231 importance of internet directories. Should one takerepparttar 125232 time to submit their site to these directories? Does anyone actually use them? The trend seems to be going more and more towardsrepparttar 125233 usage of these "man-handled" search engines. Directories offerrepparttar 125234 public a pre-categorized listing of searchable "channels" - far more organized than search engines. Human eyes as opposed torepparttar 125235 greatly feared "spider" sort most of these directories so they tend to be much more accurate. Directories also do not sort throughrepparttar 125236 pages of websites inrepparttar 125237 same fashion. They do not rely on meta tags as much and do not "rank" sites they just list them alphabetically so there is no competition for 1st place. Website promotion is a HUGE responsibility and requires a lot of tweaking to only begin to view evenrepparttar 125238 smallest of changes. However, implementation of these few, very basic techniques will definitely make your site friendlier torepparttar 125239 internet community at large.

Jennifer Durocher Web Positioning Manager

Getting Your Website Visibility

Written by James M. Duerr

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Set a Budget for Directories

The next step you need to do is set a budget. Decide before hand how much you want to spend onrepparttar directory. Yes, spend money! Not everything onrepparttar 125224 Internet is free. Yes, you can register free listings onrepparttar 125225 search engines but you can never guarantee that you will get a high listing or even be listed.

So invest a little money with a directory so you donít have to keep registering withrepparttar 125226 search engines every month. Your time is valuable, so spend a couple of hundred dollars on directories and just relax. This way you know that you will have some guaranteed visibility onrepparttar 125227 Web.


Next, you need to select a keyword or keywords that you want your website listed under. Select keywords that best describerepparttar 125228 product that you are selling. If you are selling camping equipment, you may want to selectrepparttar 125229 keywords "camping equipment" and "sleeping bag".

Two Type of Directories

There are two types of pay-for-listing directories. The first like, allows you to set a bid price per click through. You are ranked by bid,repparttar 125230 higher you bid,repparttar 125231 higher you appear onrepparttar 125232 search results.

The other type like,, charges a flat price for a year. You pay one set fee no matter how many hits you get.

Just Click It

Whatever you decide to do about directory listings, Just Click It and move on to taking care of your current customers. The Internet moves at warp speed. You need to get visibility now. Donít delay, get some directory listings in place while you are waiting for your "Free" search engine listings to get your Web traffic.

James M. Duerr. He is the president, of a Family Safe e-Shopping directory. He credits his web marketing knowledge with on-the-job training, having developed and operated a successful e-commerce site He resides in beautiful Corpus Christi, Texas with his wife and two kids.

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