The Scrolls and The Grail

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Not only wasrepparttar female consortrepparttar 141858 same,repparttar 141859 various nations usedrepparttar 141860 same cult objects,repparttar 141861 same types if incense altars made of stone and clay,repparttar 141862 same bronze and clay censers, cult stands and incense burners,repparttar 141863 same chalices and goblets andrepparttar 141864 same bronze and ivory rods adorned with pomegranates. It was easy to take cult vessels of one deity and place them inrepparttar 141865 service of another one--and this was commonly done. For example, inrepparttar 141866 ninth-century B.C.E., stela erected by Mesha,repparttar 141867 king of Moab, he describes himself asrepparttar 141868 'son of Chemosh,' and tells how he defeatedrepparttar 141869 Israelites (see also 2 Kings 3:4-27). He then brags,'(I) took t(he ves)sels of Yahweh, and I hauled them beforerepparttar 141870 face of Chemosh.'

We sometimes getrepparttar 141871 impression that after Solomon builtrepparttar 141872 Temple in Jerusalem, Yahweh had no other sanctuary in ancient Israel -- but this is notrepparttar 141873 case." (1)

It is possible thatrepparttar 141874 prevalence ofrepparttar 141875 'one god' was actually a one goddess as we see inrepparttar 141876 fact they all worshipped one similarly named(identical really)goddess. The reality as we see it was almostrepparttar 141877 same for Ba'al in this period as well. He goes on to show these multiple and pantheistic practices seem to disappear whenrepparttar 141878 exiles are returned from Persia, so maybe Cyrus and Zoroaster were able to convince them ofrepparttar 141879 error of their ways and we might see what many have pondered in regards torepparttar 141880 magi of Zoroaster being a major influence on Christianity inrepparttar 141881 original foundations and notrepparttar 141882 more ritualistic Moses. At Qumran many scholars noterepparttar 141883 people called themselves 'Covenanters ofrepparttar 141884 Law'. Most of them note this law was Mosaic but my perception is different and I believe it was a syncretism akin to Gnosticism and with many adept understandings such asrepparttar 141885 healing practices ofrepparttar 141886 Therapeutae. Golb makes it clear he is onrepparttar 141887 side ofrepparttar 141888 Qumran library having been a collection of allrepparttar 141889 factions of religion and practices in a large area even beyond Judaea. The Roman practice of destroying all literature and writing new ones around old beliefs which were in line with their approaches wasrepparttar 141890 reason for this, and all tribes, zealots or cults knew it.

The henges ofrepparttar 141891 Emerald Isles which were once wood as some are seeing today, are inrepparttar 141892 Negev and Sinai deserts as well. The 'Bedouin' ('tent dweller') fiction is notrepparttar 141893 root as we showed fromrepparttar 141894 scholars ofrepparttar 141895 excellent book Carthage. The article followingrepparttar 141896 one just quoted from Biblical Archaeology Review says this:

"Take even a one- or two-day trip throughrepparttar 141897 Sinai or Negev deserts and you'll come across scores of them--standing stones erected in a variety of combinations. These stone installations may help us understandrepparttar 141898 very origins of Israelite religion.Ē (2)

Last yearrepparttar 141899 word about pre-hieroglyphic alphabets inrepparttar 141900 Sahara were accompanied by more onrepparttar 141901 agricultural savannah people who had henges too. This is whererepparttar 141902 Berbers were from andrepparttar 141903 connection if no simple chance occurrence. The article goes on to discuss 'fertility triads' and whenever you see triad or troad (Greek) you are looking atrepparttar 141904 central laws ofrepparttar 141905 philosophic Kelts. These parables of process and moral or spiritual concepts are a wealth of insight to this very day. The Triune Nature of Man that was plagiarized intorepparttar 141906 'Holy Trinity' and raised to a deity took more of man's self awareness and divinity away from humanity than any of us can imagine. A central theme inrepparttar 141907 Dead Sea Scrolls is said to be very Zoroastrian in nature (andrepparttar 141908 Mani attempt to join Christianity and it in one ecumenical religion that Augustine was a promoter of until bought out byrepparttar 141909 Catholics); - it is simply this: 'There are two spirits 'truth and error'. We surely seerepparttar 141910 real original sin ofrepparttar 141911 Gnostics who savedrepparttar 141912 Dag Hammadi Scrolls and gave their lives protectingrepparttar 141913 Library of Alexandria in this. These people who were withrepparttar 141914 Cathars a millennium later say 'The original sin that separates us from God - is IGNORANCE!'

Another culture that really worshipped this goddess at one time isrepparttar 141915 Greek or Hellenic culture of Dionysius and Aphrodite as we see a practice that was at work while Yahweh becamerepparttar 141916 one and sole male god Jehovah and that development was not mentioned in BAR.

"In Cyprus it appears that before marriage all women were formerly obliged by custom to prostitute themselves to strangers atrepparttar 141917 sanctuary ofrepparttar 141918 goddess, whether she went byrepparttar 141919 name of Aphrodite, Astarte, or what not. Similar customs prevailed in many parts of Western Asia.Ē (3)

Casting aspersions on great thinkers like Augustine is easy and I don't want any readers to think I'm saying these things without basis in fact. We have his own book to work with in that regard. Here is a little from Augustineís autobiography called Confessions.

"As literature,repparttar 141920 Scriptures compared poorly withrepparttar 141921 polished prose of Cicero and he thought them fit only forrepparttar 141922 simple minded." That was when he was a Manichean before "the mercy of God had saved him from this evil.Ē (4)

Author and activist for egalitarian means and Brotherhood.

Will Area 51 Be The Next Big Tourist Attraction?

Written by Bill Knell

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Anyone with half a brain knew thatrepparttar government was not going to leave captured Alien hardware lying around a place that was quickly becoming as infamous as it had been secret. Once Robert Lazar andrepparttar 141452 other whistle blowers came forward, there was little doubt that most ofrepparttar 141453 good stuff would be or was already inrepparttar 141454 process of being moved elsewhere. Given that,repparttar 141455 Government had some tough choices to make about Area 51.

Despite a land grab that was designed to keeprepparttar 141456 curious away from Groom Lake,repparttar 141457 area quickly becamerepparttar 141458 focus of everyone from mildly interested tourists to dedicated UFO researchers alike. Overrepparttar 141459 past decade, new photos ofrepparttar 141460 property available from photo sneaks and private eyes inrepparttar 141461 sky have shown improved roads and new buildings. Because we know so little aboutrepparttar 141462 property, itís difficult to say what that kind of expansion means.

While we all assume that most of what happens in and around Groom Lake has to do with advanced aircraft testing, itís important to remember thatrepparttar 141463 secret nature ofrepparttar 141464 property also makes it a prime place for government research into almost anything they donít want you to know about. Givenrepparttar 141465 information provided to me byrepparttar 141466 UFO Test Pilot group previously mentioned, I believe that Area 51 may be moving in a new and very unexpected direction. An already successful Base model may aid that direction.

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base isrepparttar 141467 home torepparttar 141468 U.S. Air Force Museum and a lot more. A huge facility, it is easily accessible from several Interstate Highways and convenient local roads. The very public side ofrepparttar 141469 Base inrepparttar 141470 form ofrepparttar 141471 Air Force Museum hides a very private side as well. Itís no big secret that some ofrepparttar 141472 most important and secret research conducted byrepparttar 141473 Air Force has been and continues to be carried out there. Hide in plain site seems to be their motto.

Alleged home ofrepparttar 141474 legendary Hangar 18, Wright-Patterson was at least one destination of some material fromrepparttar 141475 1947 Roswell UFO crash. Many believe that one or more captured Alien spacecrafts have been brought, studied and possibly stored there overrepparttar 141476 years. Home to exotic Air Force agencies ofrepparttar 141477 past and present like Project Bluebook andrepparttar 141478 Foreign Technology Division, many consider Wright-Patterson to berepparttar 141479 very heart ofrepparttar 141480 Air Force.

Duringrepparttar 141481 early 1990s, a television news crew was allowed access to some ofrepparttar 141482 areas underneathrepparttar 141483 base. Although access was severely limited, their camera work revealedrepparttar 141484 existence of underground tunnels, vaults and storage areas. These could simply be bunkers with a few connecting passages, but maps and documents leaked out overrepparttar 141485 years seem to indicate a large number of interconnecting underground facilities beneathrepparttar 141486 base. None of this seems to have affectedrepparttar 141487 ability of Wright-Patterson AFB to host foreign military visitors, national and international dignitaries andrepparttar 141488 general public.

It has worked with Wright-Patterson, so why not Area 51? Ifrepparttar 141489 UFO Pilots are correct, parts of Area 51 may soon be open torepparttar 141490 public. How open and which parts remain to be seen. Will they followrepparttar 141491 Disney model of opening a Welcome Center before anything else is ready? If such a plan exists, only select parts of Area 51 will be available for public visitation. After all, every major division ofrepparttar 141492 U.S. Military and various U.S. Government agencies are represented there.

If we are to believe our own eyes, satellite photos indicate that quite a bit of building has gone on since Area 51 first came torepparttar 141493 publicís attention. Itís a given that some of it has to involve underground construction as well. After all,repparttar 141494 place already has a reputation for hosting deep underground bunkers, tunnels and research areas. It would be logical to assume thatrepparttar 141495 Nevada heat and need for secrecy would createrepparttar 141496 certainty of utilizingrepparttar 141497 space below ground in as many practical ways as possible.

Apart fromrepparttar 141498 quiet mutterings ofrepparttar 141499 UFO Pilots and other insiders, making Area 51 a place for public visitation would be a brilliant move from a publicity standpoint. At a time when many people inrepparttar 141500 USA either love or haterepparttar 141501 military, opening Area 51 might have a very positive effect on public perception. Although I do not see any sign ofrepparttar 141502 UFO cover-up lifting, openingrepparttar 141503 Base and exposingrepparttar 141504 conventional side ofrepparttar 141505 Area 51 story would allow us all access to some level of forbidden history.

Most government insiders fail to recognizerepparttar 141506 value of Ďcoming cleaní about past secrets. Whenever that happens, there is always a rise inrepparttar 141507 level of confidence people have in their government andrepparttar 141508 military. Itís almost ridiculous that there are still classified documents that have never been released torepparttar 141509 public dating back torepparttar 141510 days before World War I. Most classified document researchers believe that it may be at least fifty to well over one hundred more years before even a small number ofrepparttar 141511 many secret files fromrepparttar 141512 World War II time period are released.

When Area 51 becamerepparttar 141513 target of investigative journalists and UFO researchers, it also became a place with new security concerns. There can be little doubt that at least a few ofrepparttar 141514 many thousands of people who have taken bus tours or day trips out torepparttar 141515 very edge ofrepparttar 141516 property have had other agendas. Some may have been foreign operatives. Others could have been potential terrorists. Either way, no secret facility could ever surviverepparttar 141517 kind of scrutiny leveled atrepparttar 141518 Groom Lake test facility for very long.

Area 51 faces an enemy greater then foreign agents or investigative journalists. That enemy is expansion. Whilerepparttar 141519 government still owns or controls most ofrepparttar 141520 land area in Nevada,repparttar 141521 southwestern housing boom is bringing people ever closer torepparttar 141522 governmentís front door. Despite environmental concerns, alleged water and electricity shortages and economic slowdowns, permanent housing and allrepparttar 141523 support structures that come with it are moving ever closer every year. Whether Area 51 has become a victim ofrepparttar 141524 whistleblowers,repparttar 141525 housing boom or is just a white elephant facility that has outlived its usefulness, itís a given that changes will come. Consideringrepparttar 141526 infamous nature ofrepparttar 141527 Base, it would be unlikely that such a facility would merely become a place reclaimed byrepparttar 141528 natural Nevada landscape. It would either become a series of smaller units inside a large multi-use property that could be sectioned off for government use, or become adapted to include an area thatrepparttar 141529 public would be able to visit. I suspect it will berepparttar 141530 latter.

A native New Yorker now living in Arizona, Bill Knell is a forty-something guy with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He's written hundreds of articles offer advice on a wide variety of subjects.

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