The Scarlet Cord

Written by Stephen Kingery

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I & II CHRONICLES The tribe of Judah figures prominently in Chronicles because it isrepparttar tribe from whichrepparttar 141129 Messiah will come. The genealogies in Chapters 1-9 of I Chronicles is a preamble torepparttar 141130 genealogy of Jesus found in Matthew. The messianic line was threatened by murders, treachery, battles, and captivity but it remains clear and unbroken from Adam to Zerubbabel. (See genealogies of Christ in Matthew 1 and Luke 3) The temple also is a picture of Christ. Note these three passages: "in this place there is One greater thanrepparttar 141131 temple." (Matthew 12:6); "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up." (John 2:19); and "But I saw no temple in it, forrepparttar 141132 Lord God Almighty andrepparttar 141133 Lamb are its temple." (Revelation 21:22)

EZRA: In Ezra we seerepparttar 141134 continuation ofrepparttar 141135 promise of God to keeprepparttar 141136 descendants alive. Zerubbabel is part ofrepparttar 141137 messianic line. The remnant has returned torepparttar 141138 land of promise, and it is here in Bethlehem that Jesus will be born. The book of Ezra itself is a picture of Christ and His work of forgiveness and restoration.

NEHEMIAH: Nehemiah is also a picture of Christ in His work of restoration. Nehemiah also is a type of Christ in that he too gave up a high position in order to help his people. Inrepparttar 141139 book of Nehemiah, everything exceptrepparttar 141140 king is restored:repparttar 141141 temple, Jerusalem,repparttar 141142 covenant, andrepparttar 141143 faithfulness ofrepparttar 141144 people.

ESTHER: Esther pictures Christ in that she puts herself in place of death for her people and is a picture of Christ in His being an advocate for us. Also in this book we see another attempt by Satan to destroyrepparttar 141145 linage of David, but God preserves His people andrepparttar 141146 messianic line.

JOB: Job says, "For I know that my Redeemer lives, and He shall stand at last onrepparttar 141147 earth;" (Job 19:25) He also cries out for a mediator (see 9:33, 25:4, 33:23). The problems raised inrepparttar 141148 book of Job are answered in Christ who knows of our suffering, "For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin." (Hebrews 4:15)

PSALMS: Inrepparttar 141149 book of psalms we see thatrepparttar 141150 life and ministry of Jesus Christ is specifically anticipated. There are five different kinds of messianic psalms. In some,repparttar 141151 subject ofrepparttar 141152 psalm is a type of Christ. In others,repparttar 141153 psalmist uses language to describe his present experience which points beyond his own life to become historically true only in Christ. We also see in some psalms that it refers to a king orrepparttar 141154 house of David but final fulfillment is not come until Christ. Some are purely prophetic in that they refer only to Christ. And in still others we see thatrepparttar 141155 psalmist anticipatesrepparttar 141156 coming of Yahweh and His kingdom, which is fulfilled in Christ.

PROVERBS: Inrepparttar 141157 book of Proverbs we seerepparttar 141158 fabulous wisdom of Solomon, who it is said wasrepparttar 141159 wisest man on earth. However, this wisdom is a picture of Christ who hasrepparttar 141160 ultimate wisdom,repparttar 141161 wisdom of God; "But of Him you are in Christ Jesus, who became for us wisdom from God - and righteousness and sanctification and redemption..." (1 Corinthians 1:30)

ECCLESIASTES: This book shows us how empty our life can be without a relationship with God. Only Christ can provide those things which make life meaningful.

SONG OF SOLOMON: Inrepparttar 141162 Old Testament, Israel is considered to berepparttar 141163 bride of Yahweh and inrepparttar 141164 New Testamentrepparttar 141165 church isrepparttar 141166 bride of Christ. This book illustraterepparttar 141167 first and picturesrepparttar 141168 second.

ISAIAH: The prophecies in this book are clearer and more explicit than any other Old Testament book. Isaiah is brimming with prophecies of Christ.

JEREMIAH: The book of Jeremiah points directly to Christ: "Behold,repparttar 141169 days are coming, saysrepparttar 141170 Lord, That I will raise to David a Branch of righteousness; A King shall reign and prosper, and execute judgement and righteousness inrepparttar 141171 earth. In His days Judah will be saved, and Israel will dwell safely; now this is His name by which He will be called: THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS." (Jeremiah 23:5,6)

LAMENTATIONS: Jeremiah,repparttar 141172 author, is a type of Christ in that both wept over Jerusalem.

EZEKIEL: This book picturesrepparttar 141173 Messiah as a tender twig that becomes a stately cedar.

DANIEL: Inrepparttar 141174 visions of Daniel we see prophecies of Christ. Also his vision ofrepparttar 141175 69 weeks pinpointsrepparttar 141176 coming ofrepparttar 141177 Messiah.

THE MINOR PROPHETS - HOSEA, JOEL, AMOS, OBADIAH, JONAH, MICAH, NAHUM, HABAKKUK, ZEPHANIAH, HAGGAI, ZECHARIAH, & MALACHI: In these books we see several prophecies of Christ as well as types and pictures of Christ. Space does not permit us to give as much detail on these,repparttar 141178 minor prophets.

I hope that through this discussion ofrepparttar 141179 Scarlet Cord which runs throughrepparttar 141180 Old Testament inrepparttar 141181 prophecies, types and pictures of Christ you can see that He isrepparttar 141182 very center,repparttar 141183 cornerstone if you will, of God's plan of salvation for man. We should not think ofrepparttar 141184 Old Testament and New Testament as two distinct and separate parts, but as one whole plan by which God will redeem those who want to be His people. There is much which could be said aboutrepparttar 141185 differences inrepparttar 141186 Old and New Testaments, but we will save that for a future article. The thing for us to remember is that though there are many significant differences inrepparttar 141187 two testaments as to their purpose and so forth, together they form one beautiful and magnificent account of God's love, devotion, and longing to save His creation - man.

All scriptures quoted are fromrepparttar 141188 New King James Version unless otherwise noted.

Stephen Kingery is an author, preacher, teacher and founder of The Home Bible Study Institute.

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The Restoration Movement

Written by Stephen Kingery

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No name but Christian. We who associate ourselves withrepparttar Restoration Movement wish to be known only as a Christian. We wish to wear onlyrepparttar 141128 name of Christ. The name Christian is a Biblical name, "Andrepparttar 141129 disciples were first called Christians in Antioch." (Acts 11:26b) Also we read inrepparttar 141130 New Testament thatrepparttar 141131 church was referred to as eitherrepparttar 141132 church,repparttar 141133 church of Christ, orrepparttar 141134 church of God. Many people seem to consider themselves a Baptist first and a Christian second, or a Methodist first and a Christian second, or any other man-made name first and a Christian second. We believe that Christian is not justrepparttar 141135 first, butrepparttar 141136 only name we want to wear.

Whererepparttar 141137 Scriptures speak, we speak. Whererepparttar 141138 Scriptures are silent, we are silent. It seems that many Christians are ever ready to argue about Scripture. I would like to point out that it is not really necessary to argue about Scripture. The Bible is quite plain in what it says. There are some principles of interpretation which we must follow, but once we do,repparttar 141139 truths inrepparttar 141140 Bible are clear. So therefore we believe that ifrepparttar 141141 Bible addresses a particular subject and a command is given, we should obey that command. We will stand up and defend whatrepparttar 141142 Bible says about how we are to conduct ourselves as Christians. Onrepparttar 141143 other hand, if a subject is not covered inrepparttar 141144 Scriptures (ifrepparttar 141145 Bible is silent on a subject) then it is not necessary to debate or defendrepparttar 141146 issue.

The plan of salvation. By reading and studyingrepparttar 141147 New Testament teachings we see that there is a plan of salvation. We are told byrepparttar 141148 New Testament writers what we must do to be saved. It is not difficult to understand. However, there are many who either try to make it more complicated than it is, or simplify it more than it is, or even to interject man-made rules into what needs to be done. We need to consider all that is inrepparttar 141149 Scriptures concerning salvation, and then not add any additional requirements. Here isrepparttar 141150 plan: Faith or Belief (Romans 10:17, John 3:16); Repentance (Luke 13:3); Confession (Matthew 10:32); Baptism [immersion] (Mark 16:16 & Acts 2:38); and Faithful Living (James 1:12).

I hope and pray that what I have given you in this article is enough to show that there is a difference between those churches who associate themselves withrepparttar 141151 Restoration Movement and those churches we usual call denominational as well asrepparttar 141152 Catholic church. It is vitally important that we continue steadfastly inrepparttar 141153 apostles' doctrine. The Scriptures give us ample warning about following false teaching. If you need or want to know more aboutrepparttar 141154 Restoration Movement or want to study more aboutrepparttar 141155 principles ofrepparttar 141156 movement, there are many good Restoration writers to choose from. Ask your minister to help you locate this information, he will be glad to help you. Or, write to us. We have several excellent books available by different authors to help you in your study.

All scriptures quoted are fromrepparttar 141157 New King James Version unless otherwise noted

Stephen Kingery is an author, preacher, teacher and founder of The Home Bible Study Institute.

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