The Sandbox Effect

Written by Matt Colyer

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There is no way to know for sure if a new web site is inrepparttar Sandbox, butrepparttar 135357 best way to determine if you are inrepparttar 135358 Sandbox is if your web site has a good amount of quality backlinks, quality content and a good ranking in other search engines, such as Yahoo!, MSN and Ask Jeeves, but still no where in Google's search engine results for your keywords.

It has been suggested by some that it can take up to 9 months before a new web site can get a high ranking in Google's search engine results and out ofrepparttar 135359 Sandbox, but this does vary from web site to web site. This Also depends on how competitive your new web site's market and keywords are.

There is no known way of speeding uprepparttar 135360 amount time a new web site is inrepparttar 135361 Sandbox. Before you fully put up your web site you could get a few backlinks to it before you fully put it up, even though you will still be inrepparttar 135362 Sandbox this way, you won't waste much time. You could also buy a domain that's already being used, so you never have to be inrepparttar 135363 Sandbox.

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PDF Optimization: Death to SEO?

Written by Paul Bliss

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Why would a company not embrace this? While it's a true a site like Amazon would not be able to take full advantage of this, they could embed pdf optimization for dvd's and cd's sent to your cell phone, based on previous selections you've made.

It's a marketer's dream, and it makes a buzz agent's job even easier. Word of mouth marketing will be coupled with a portable demonstration ofrepparttar product or service being sold.

Whilerepparttar 135183 general public may not become aware of this technology for a few years, those who reside onrepparttar 135184 cutting edge will find great ways to use this in promotion.

Now instead of just watching a movie trailer, you could also haverepparttar 135185 script, actor bios and studio contact information. Maybe even afterrepparttar 135186 movie gets released, you could get your pdf updated with box office results.

The benefits of storing information in a pdf are huge. Instead of storing all of that information in a database, you have everything you need as a portable document. No worries about server stability, access torepparttar 135187 database or even an internet connection.

By embracing this new development, it will be another service you can add to your seo repertoire and allow for your business to adapt to this emerging technology.

-To your online success!

Paul Bliss

Paul has been optimizing sites for over 5 years and has successfully placed over 60 clients into top rankings for all the major search engines.

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