The Sales Trail

Written by Ryan Hoback

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When approaching sales, building a solid foundation and a sturdy structure will help increase effectiveness. We need to implement mechanisms that will monitorrepparttar progress of our sales teams. Weekly reports and call log files are a great way to stay informed on a regular basis of what is happening within our sales departments. An additional aspect of creating structure revolves around developing internal communications amongst departments or people. The more our sales team is connected torepparttar 140414 marketing and advertising departments,repparttar 140415 better. In addition, finance is a key element to any sale, and we must be prepared by having done our research onrepparttar 140416 numbers involved with our product/service.

Once we have established a steady sales stream, it is time to start thinking about increasing our market share. A good place to start is to do some sales research, survey our current customers to learn how they view our company and our products/services. Take these opinions and revamp our sales approach, placing a greater focus on these areas. Increase our sales teams productivity by continually re-training our staff on new procedures and methods, while supplying easy access to sales tools and resources. We must constantly review and revise our sales process to stay on top of current trends and remain competitive.

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Ryan Hoback is President of Motivated Entrepreneur Incubation & consulting. They help entrepreneurs achieve success starting and growing their businesses.

How to Avoid Everyday Sales Mistakes

Written by Ken Levine

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Fearing sales objections. Presenting torepparttar wrong people non-decision makers. Fearing failure rather than embracing failure. Not thinking BIG- why think at all? Not keeping your eye onrepparttar 140276 prize repparttar 140277 relationship. Not picking uprepparttar 140278 telephone fear of rejection. Cant answerrepparttar 140279 question, Why should I do business with you? Fear of change repparttar 140280 devil you know is better thanrepparttar 140281 one you dont. Cant definerepparttar 140282 ideal client. Dont have a database of prospects, which fitrepparttar 140283 ideal client profile. Dont know whorepparttar 140284 decision maker is within each company on your hot leads database. Your sales team is not disciplined. You cant track sales behaviors and activities on a daily basis. You dont have a hot leads database its all in your head. You dont know have a good 30 second commercial - what to say if you call someone and they actually pickuprepparttar 140285 phone. Theres no accountability. Poor daily sales behaviors. Youre reactive rather than proactive. If you are feeling a little sick after reading this list, please give me a call. Id like to help you get onrepparttar 140286 road to recovery. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Chinese proverb When you find a fork inrepparttar 140287 road, take it Yogi Berra Good selling!! Ken Ken Levine Impact Business Solutions, Inc. 508-845-8849 SELL MORE BY SELLING LESS

Ken Levine is an executive sales and business development coach. Ken works with his client's to help them identify and prequalify new business opportunities for their companies, distinguish themselves from the competition and transition these new opportunities from being prospects to being new clients. He helps his clients focus on results and close more sales.

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