"The Saboteur Within"

Written by Dr Robert Anthony

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When you feel negative emotions they are signals from your subconscious that you are not in harmony with what you desire and this creates emotional energy blocks within your electromagnetic system.

You are not alone. Conflict, manifested as an emotional energy block, is common in almost everyone.

Have you ever wonder why...

Athletes get into slumps?

This defies normal logic. There is no physical reason for an athlete to perform below par. He or she isrepparttar same highly trained athlete before, after and duringrepparttar 139141 slump. Yet, no matter how highly skilled, all athletes go through this consistently throughout their careers. Why?

Addictions are so hard to overcome?

Most addicts want to be free of their destructive patterns. They know, and will often admit, that their addiction is costing them their health, their relationships, their money and even their life! Yet they continue with it. Why?

Depression is so hard to overcome?

Depression is one ofrepparttar 139142 most difficult psychological issues to handle. It is not unusual for an individual who suffers from depression to go through years of expensive therapy and not make much progress. Why?

Healing sometimes takes so long?

We have a lingering cold that just won't go away, a headache or pain that keep coming back again and again or a sprain or broken bone that takes forever to heal. Why?

We self-sabotage ourselves?

We try to change our behaviors or become more successful in our business or career yet we often manage to fall back into our previous "comfort zones" with little or no real progress. Why?

The reason we have these experiences is that we do not correct repparttar 139143 negative emotion IN THE MOMENT. Regardless of what you have read or heard, you cannot correct this through positive thinking. You must go BEYOND POSITIVE THINKING to get rid ofrepparttar 139144 “Saboteur Within”. I call this “Right Thinking”. It is right because it is based on truth, not illusion.

Here is something you can do right now.

Notice when you are feeling any negative emotion or conflict. That is you “inner guidance system” telling you that you are not in harmony with your desire. This is your first clue.

IN THAT MOMENT you MUST self-correct. Change your FEELING right then and there because how you FEEL as a result of a thought is what causesrepparttar 139145 negative emotion. The negative emotion then causesrepparttar 139146 conflict. Andrepparttar 139147 conflict attracts more ofrepparttar 139148 things you DON’T WANT!

So, if you do nothing else, remember that you MUST correct and STOPrepparttar 139149 negative attraction inrepparttar 139150 MOMENT if you are serious about getting rid ofrepparttar 139151 “Saboteur Within.” That will clearrepparttar 139152 way for you conscious and subconscious to work in harmony to bring your desire.

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Study Smart by drawing colorful pictures

Written by Janice

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2. Draw a small picture atrepparttar center of your paper or page to illustrate that idea. Write a few words belowrepparttar 139046 picture to explain that idea. 3. Now identifyrepparttar 139047 details associated with that idea. 4. Draw a small picture to illustrate that detail and an arrow fromrepparttar 139048 main idea pointing to each detail. Write a few words on each arrow to explainrepparttar 139049 relation betweenrepparttar 139050 detail andrepparttar 139051 main idea. Write a few words below each detail image explaining what it is about.

Once you have illustrated each main fact andrepparttar 139052 related detail, you have a mind map that helps you seerepparttar 139053 full picture at a glance. Drawing it out in color helps your remember what you just illustrated.

Read Study Tips for more on mind mapping and other study tips.

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