The SEO Journey:

Written by Christine Stander

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•Knowrepparttar territory. oWhat isrepparttar 127826 industry which you are entering? •Knowrepparttar 127827 climate. oHow competitive are your competitors? oDoes it call for additional optimization methods such as PPC? •Knowrepparttar 127828 predators. oResearch your competition. Who’s going to be out there with you? oAre they well prepared? Scrutinizerepparttar 127829 optimization fluctuation of their web sites. •Choose a suitcase. oEnsurerepparttar 127830 SEO strategy is developed aroundrepparttar 127831 technology you choose to developrepparttar 127832 site. Flash, Javascript and dynamic sites’ strategies may vary from conventional “straightforward” html web sites. •Pack accordingly. oThe site’s clothes arerepparttar 127833 copy and design elements. Ensure both are enticing, convincing and relevant, and that they flow withrepparttar 127834 general theme ofrepparttar 127835 site. oEnsure your key-phrase fluctuation is relevant torepparttar 127836 page content and does not deter fromrepparttar 127837 natural flow ofrepparttar 127838 copy. •Be vigilant. oRegularly check your site’s key-phrase ranking and follow-up on your competitors to see if they have made any changes to their strategy. •Adapt. oIn an ever-changing, fast-paced environment, it is crucial that SEOs are able to adapt their style torepparttar 127839 most relevant optimization requirement forrepparttar 127840 intended market.

SEO is a crucial element throughoutrepparttar 127841 life cycle of a web site. Its roots are firmly planted fromrepparttar 127842 site conception torepparttar 127843 launch, and tenderly keep it stable throughout its life.

The only question remaining is: “If you choose to call inrepparttar 127844 experts, should you do this before or afterrepparttar 127845 fact?”

Choose your guide:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultants can be called upon at any time duringrepparttar 127846 production of a site. It is preferable, however, to include them inrepparttar 127847 process as early as possible to ensure that your site is as prepared as possible forrepparttar 127848 journey ahead.

When you go out on a game drive, you have one of two options – either you drive yourself, or you choose to drive with a guide. You may end up driving alongrepparttar 127849 same path, butrepparttar 127850 guide knowsrepparttar 127851 territory best. They know where to look forrepparttar 127852 footprints and may often findrepparttar 127853 leopard hidden inrepparttar 127854 tree that you may not have found.

SEO is muchrepparttar 127855 same. You may choose to self-optimize your site or to consult a professional. You may achieve a similar result, butrepparttar 127856 expert will know which potholes to look out for.

The journey ahead:

Whether you choose to self-optimize your web site or call on an expert,repparttar 127857 sooner you begin planning your SEO strategy,repparttar 127858 better. Whichever option you choose, send your site torepparttar 127859 World Wide Web prepared. By keepingrepparttar 127860 basics in mind and commencing your SEO strategy early, you’ll ensure thatrepparttar 127861 end result is a web site that is easy to find by clients and search engine spiders alike. It will not only speak to your target market, but be loved by search engine spiders. Enjoy your journey. Preparation will only improverepparttar 127862 ride.

Christine Stander is a professional search engine optimisation and online marketing strategist with experience in many facets of search marketing, user behaviour analysis and brand management. For more information on services offered, kindly refer to:

Improving the ROI of Web Directory Submissions

Written by Will Spencer

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A JavaScript link will look something like this:


A proper HTML link will look something like this: 

Free Directory Scammers

Several web directories pretend to accept free submissions, but in reality these free submissions are never processed.

These directories claim to accept free submissions as part of a bait-and-switch tactic to upsell webmasters into paid submissions.

Often these web directories will claim to provide free service for web sites which meet certain defined criteria. It just happens that no web site ever manages to meet those criteria!

Web Directories which Require Reciprocal Links

Some web directories require you to link back to them in order to be listed. This helps buildrepparttar PageRank ofrepparttar 127825 directory, which benefits all web sites inrepparttar 127826 directory.

Some people view these sites as link-farms.

If your web site is unable to provide a link back to these directories, do not invest your time submitting your web site to these directories.

Reciprocal linking is not an appropriate strategy for all web sites.

Paid Directories

Some web directories charge for submissions. These web directories charge either a subscription fee, a one-time fee, or a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) fee.

Some of these web directories charge exorbitant fees -- and a few of these web directories charge this fee whether your site is accepted or not!

Although there are exceptions,repparttar 127827 general rule is that paid directories do not provide a positive ROI.

Better Directories

A few web directories stand out by offering good user interfaces, speedy inclusion, and plain HTML links which pass PageRank:


Submitting your web sites to web directories is an excellent method of building quality inbound links.

Submitting your web site to onlyrepparttar 127828 best web directories can net you 90% ofrepparttar 127829 results with 20% ofrepparttar 127830 effort.

Will Spencer is the webmaster of The Internet Search Engines FAQ.

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