The SEO Game - Do you play it?

Written by Shawna Fennell

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Know who you are playing against.

The more information your have about your opponent and how they play can greatly increase your chance of beating them. The same can be said about search engines. Understand how they work and how they find sites. Knowing your opponent can help you to win. But also keep in mind that as time moves on, your opponent is getting stronger. They are constantly changing their game to keep up withrepparttar new breed of chess players. You may be able to beat them today, but in 6 months, they may have a new strategy. Keep a close eye on them and change your game to adjust to theirs.

Keep in mind that your opponent will never tell you how they are going to playrepparttar 139259 game. There are secret strategies that only they know. Many will guess as to what those are, but nobody will ever know their strategy 100%.

Do Not Take Shortcuts Just To Get The Game Over With

The same can be said about using spam techniques to get your site listed quickly and torepparttar 139260 top. Spam techniques may work for a short time but once you get caught, you are banned from playingrepparttar 139261 game. Google states this about spam, "Trying to deceive (spam) our web crawler by means of hidden text, deceptive cloaking or doorway pages compromisesrepparttar 139262 quality of our results and degradesrepparttar 139263 search experience for everyone. We think that's a bad thing."

Basically spamming is a way of cheatingrepparttar 139264 game to win faster. Remember chess is not a quick game. It takes time and patience. No one wants to play with a cheater....NO ONE.

Capturingrepparttar 139265 King - CHECKMATE

Content is King. Content isrepparttar 139266 way to winrepparttar 139267 game. Without capturingrepparttar 139268 content, you will loserepparttar 139269 game. Each ofrepparttar 139270 search engines look for relevancy within your page. If you state that your page is about red dogs with hats, and you have a page written about blue cats with shoes, it does not work. Keep your pages focused. If you are writing about red dogs with hats, write about those red dogs with hats only. If you also have red dogs with boots, then give them their own page and write about them boots separately. Keeprepparttar 139271 pages focused and on track.

The title tag would be aboutrepparttar 139272 red dogs with hats. The meta tag keyword would be aboutrepparttar 139273 red dogs with hats. The meta tag description is a nice 250 character description aboutrepparttar 139274 red dogs with hats. Use a H1 tag high onrepparttar 139275 page that has red dogs with hats. You can use css tags to makerepparttar 139276 h1 tag match your site. Then write clear, focused, original content aboutrepparttar 139277 red dogs with hats. Start out with 3 paragraphs and mentionrepparttar 139278 red dog with hats once in each paragraph. Watch your rankings. Add additional content if necessary but do it slowly. Make notes of allrepparttar 139279 changes that you make. If something does not work, go back and undo it.

Keep adding fresh and unique content to your site. Do not let your site go into stalemate.

Once you look at SEO as simply a game, it makes it that much more exciting to play. And it's even more fun TO WIN!

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Optimize Your Web Site Pt1

Written by Darren Yates

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Keywords should also contain keyphrases and list keywords/keyphrases relevant torepparttar page they appear in. There are two ways to list your keywords/keyphrases. Either with commas separating them or without. The benefit to not using commas is thatrepparttar 139103 keywords side by side can also be read as keyphrases byrepparttar 139104 SE's. Where as a comma separates everything out. So not using commas allows for some odd combinations to be picked up byrepparttar 139105 SE's.

meta name="keywords" content=" best exercise equipment cheap home gym equipment health good exercise order online"

That's just an example offrepparttar 139106 top of my head I haven't researchedrepparttar 139107 words as I normally would, you should also have much more in there around 20-30 words at least. Notice again I've started of with 'best exercise equipment' to echo and boostrepparttar 139108 use of that phrase elsewhere as discussed above.

The description is self explanatory again and it's a good move to echorepparttar 139109 title ofrepparttar 139110 page and fill it out a little so -

meta name="description" content="best exercise equipment - best, cheap, new and used exercise equipment reviewed and available to order online"

The robots tag is very simple and is not strictly necessary but useful. What it does is tellrepparttar 139111 visiting SE spiders what to do when it comes to listing your site. Spiders arerepparttar 139112 little programs that crawlrepparttar 139113 web gathering info on websites forrepparttar 139114 SE's. You can also use something called a robots.txt file to further controlrepparttar 139115 spiders, but I won't go into that here since its not strictly necessary andrepparttar 139116 robots tag is enough for our aims atrepparttar 139117 moment.

Here's an example - meta name="robots" content ="index, follow"

With this we're tellingrepparttar 139118 spider/robot to follow allrepparttar 139119 links when visiting this page. If you have a members area or an admin area on your site that you don't want listed inrepparttar 139120 SE's, or any other pages you want to keep to yourself then you can use this -

meta name="robots" content ="index,no follow"

A well known and very useful tool for checking out what search words people are using onrepparttar 139121 SE's is Wordtracker. When you know what people are searching for you know what keywords and keyphrases you should be weaving into your website. This tool is used by allrepparttar 139122 online Marketing experts. Another tool isrepparttar 139123 Overture suggestion tool which will listrepparttar 139124 number of times a word or phrase has been searched for onrepparttar 139125 Overture engine overrepparttar 139126 previous month. A handy tool that will query Overture directly from your desktop and store all results of your keyword searches is Good Keywords.

For a more extensive list of keyword resources try my keyword research page.

5: Body text Keyword/Keyphrases and bold text. This is very much whererepparttar 139127 focus is when it comes to keywords and keyphrases. Generally it makes senserepparttar 139128 more focused your body text is on what your page is aboutrepparttar 139129 better you will get ranked. In those terms everyone's a winner. You get better listing and your content is more relevant in order to achieve that. Does that make sense ? let me clarify.

Returning to our examples again our site is called We've already usedrepparttar 139130 phrase 'exercise equipment' in our domain name, page title, on page title and in our meta tags. If we now add this same phrase torepparttar 139131 main text of our page a number of times ideally nearrepparttar 139132 top withinrepparttar 139133 first paragraph we'll boost our ranking inrepparttar 139134 SE's yet again.

Note you should try to makerepparttar 139135 phrase fitrepparttar 139136 text and not just cram it in there. It's also important not to over do it. As it is withrepparttar 139137 other techniques described in this article. You can get your site dropped and even barred fromrepparttar 139138 SE's if it's seen to be 'spamming' them by abusing these techniques. So tread carefully and try not to be tempted to over do it.

Back torepparttar 139139 keywords/keyphrases, there's a further twist to this if we also makerepparttar 139140 body text 'exercise equipment' bold we'll score again inrepparttar 139141 SE's since text in bold is seen as being more important and again more relevant. ;-) The side benefit is that it breaks uprepparttar 139142 text a little onrepparttar 139143 page too for our site visitors and makesrepparttar 139144 page a little more interesting and easier to read. is a site focused on Making Money Online listing the many and varied ways of making money online.

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