"The SECRET GOLD MINE Hidden In FFA Link Submissions!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

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You can use any of several good Auto-Responder services that are available for FREE online.

We offer a List of FREE Auto-Responder Services: via Auto-Responder at: mailto:freeautoresp@emailexchange.org

But what about all of those confirmation emails?

Some ofrepparttar Auto-Responder services forward all your responses to you for review of any that might have special questions, requests, etc.

That still leaves you withrepparttar 125256 problem of having to go through all of that email via your main email address.


A FREE Email Provider that ALSO has a FREE Auto-Responder!

That way all responses go to your extra e-mailbox and your message AUTOMATICALLY gets sent to everyone responding to your FFA link submission.

For a List of FREE Email Providers via Auto-Responder: mailto:free_email@emailexchange.org

Don't forget to access that FREE Email account and manage your email otherwise your incoming messages will bounce because of a "Full Mailbox".

In order to really TAP INTO THIS SECRET GOLD MINE, you must take a minute or two and actually reply to those email messages or visitrepparttar 125257 web site they feature.

By doing so, you open a legal, Spam-Free dialogue with QUALIFIED ONLINE BUYERS of INTERNET BUSINESS SERVICES.

Once you open a line of communication with these PREMIUM FFA members, then you can legally email them from time to time about something you are featuring.

Using this technique, I have amassed a list of over 700 PREMIUM, QUALIFIED BUYERS.

And, we receive a steady flow of visitors to our web site and new subscribers to our newsletter.

It has more than paid for itself generating new streams of cash flow and new customers for our services withrepparttar 125258 only investment necessary on our part beingrepparttar 125259 time and effort to compilerepparttar 125260 list.

Keeprepparttar 125261 lines of communication open with this small, select group of people and you will always have ready access to one ofrepparttar 125262 best LISTS of potential BUYERS for your products or services.

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Written by Bob McElwain

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Probablyrepparttar best approach is to forget about a 3 or 4 month moving average, and generate an average this month for all earlier months. Whatever your results, you can not afford to advertise until you have a tested ad and feel confident fromrepparttar 125255 value of a hitrepparttar 125256 ad will produce profits. For a new site, unless you already knowrepparttar 125257 advertising game, this may mean waiting a year or more before even giving advertising a try.

Getting Started With Advertising

Most find advertising in ezines to berepparttar 125258 most effective approach onrepparttar 125259 Web. The trick is to find ezines directed at your target. Then test your response to an ad inrepparttar 125260 least expensive way. Given a poor or inadequate response, try another ezine. But given a good response, go for it. In theory, advertising that works can bring unlimited profits.

Ezine advertizing costs are often stated with a single price. To make your numbers work, convert this price to CPM. This also makes it easier to compare costs from ezine to ezine. For example, ifrepparttar 125261 circulation of an ezine is 4000 andrepparttar 125262 cost ofrepparttar 125263 ad is $20, you are paying $5 CPM.

Other Paths

I've haven't heard any recent reports of good success with banner advertising usingrepparttar 125264 CPM model. Some are reporting success withrepparttar 125265 pay-per-click model, which means you pay only for clickthroughs to your site. This is essentiallyrepparttar 125266 same model used withrepparttar 125267 pay-per-click search engines such asrepparttar 125268 one at GoTo.Com. There are no tough decisions here. Ifrepparttar 125269 value of a hit to you is greater than what you must pay for a click to your site, go for it. If it's not, ignore these avenues until it is.

With an established site, several search engines, such as Google, offer some interesting possibilities I have not tested. Pricy, though, for new or small sites.


To submit a listing to Yahoo requires payment of $199. Regardless ofrepparttar 125270 value of a hit to you, submit as soon as your site is sufficiently polished. Consider it a one time advertising cost, and don't look back. Yahoo may deliver as much as a third of search engine related traffic.

LookSmart is not such a sure thing. Also $199, they're asking too much, in my opinion. But I still recommend payingrepparttar 125271 fee. Again, it's a one time cost. Over time, a listing will pay for itself, and may ultimately do so many times over.

SNAP is another matter. They also ask for $199 for a listing in their "Top Sites" directory. I don't think it's worth it. And I have not heard others recommend it. But it is an option. Submit for free to their "Live Directory," then walk away.

DMOZ is a must. Submitting a listing is free. And if you find a second category into which your site fits well, a second submission about a month later works well.

So When Should An Advertising Campaign Be Launched?

As soon asrepparttar 125272 value of a hit and a tested ad will produce profits. Until this point is reached, advertising is a waste of money.

For a new or sluggish site,repparttar 125273 way to go is to keep working at boosting your CR (Conversion Ratio). That is, continuously examine all elements in all paths leading to sales, in search of improvements that bring a higher CR. By increasing your CR, you increaserepparttar 125274 value of a hit. Ignore all thoughts of advertising until your CR is sufficient to produce a hit value high enough to coverrepparttar 125275 costs of placing ads.

But once this happens, go for it. All out.

Bob McElwain Want to build a winning site? Improve one you already have? Fix one that's busted? Get ANSWERS. Subscribe to "STAT News" now! mailto:join-stat@lyris.dundee.net Web marketing and consulting since 1993 Site: Phone: 209-742-6349

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