The Rules of Dating, Vacationing and Compatibility

Written by Holly Bentz -

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Consequently, it is appropriate to be respectful of another’s life choices. Most couples place high expectations onrepparttar romantic getaway. “Unfortunately,repparttar 150588 relationship faux pas can cause excessive undue stress. The best approach entails fairly evaluating a prospective significant other forrepparttar 150589 bigger picture,repparttar 150590 fate ofrepparttar 150591 relationship,” states dating expert, Bentz.

Live byrepparttar 150592 following travel strategies to make your romantic getaway an escape filled with compatibility:

• Book a short trip. Instead of opting forrepparttar 150593 week in Santo Domingo, tryrepparttar 150594 weekend getaway.

• Learn about their travel style. If your vacationing partner prefers to schedule every available minute with activities and you are more of a spontaneous traveler – set some guidelines.

• Plan moderate itinerary in advance. Formulize a few common interest activities to include inrepparttar 150595 getaway.

• Make light of underlying differences. Before making an issue of incidental situations, make light of conflicts. Remember, that you are traveling with someone you care about versus Satan’s reject.

• To quell conflicts be flexible. Conflicts may arise from bringing a lap top, to watching a soap opera or playing video games. The idea is to diffuse any simmering differences.

• Spend a little time apart. Keepingrepparttar 150596 peace can sometimes mean ducking away torepparttar 150597 driving range or spa.

• Mind your P’s and Q’s inrepparttar 150598 restroom. The bathroom may represent a battlefield for many couples. To accommodaterepparttar 150599 other person, userepparttar 150600 hotel bathroom, wake up a little earlier to userepparttar 150601 facility or simply request a double sink.

• Avoid altercations. Onrepparttar 150602 trip, skirt arguments and make minor notes about essential differences. The disparities are indicators ofrepparttar 150603 future endurance of your relationship.

Whatever you discover about your prospective significant other, remember to keep it all in its proper perspective: “You are on vacation to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy!”

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Those Ellusive Crab and Prawn Traps

Written by Valerie Giles

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After a wonderful sleep onrepparttar water, we got uprepparttar 150544 next morning, had breakfast and decided to spendrepparttar 150545 morning at a nearby weekend market. This market is held every Saturday duringrepparttar 150546 summer season, and hobby farmers and crafters come from all overrepparttar 150547 area to display and sell their wares. It really is quite fun.

Up camerepparttar 150548 boat anchor and off we went. As we motored we watched for floating logs and other traps. It wasn't too long before Jan cried out. "The trap,repparttar 150549 trap. There is our trap!" Sure enough as we circle back, there wasrepparttar 150550 trap that had been lostrepparttar 150551 previous weekend. We came alongsiderepparttar 150552 float, and slowedrepparttar 150553 motor. My husband went torepparttar 150554 aft ofrepparttar 150555 boat and began pulling inrepparttar 150556 line overrepparttar 150557 transom. It was very heavy.

He pulled and pulled. Slowlyrepparttar 150558 line came up and intorepparttar 150559 boat, but no sign yet ofrepparttar 150560 trap. Oh, my goodness. Did this mean thatrepparttar 150561 trap was full to overflowing with prawns that had been trapped forrepparttar 150562 last seven days? If so, we were in for a very large feast that night. Pull, pull and pull some more. By this time my husband's brow was wet with sweat, and his brand new Hugo Boss white boating shirt was getting splattered with mud and seaweed that was coming up withrepparttar 150563 line.

Finally after several minutes of pulling, he could just make outrepparttar 150564 shape ofrepparttar 150565 trap. There was a large whitish-gray mass coming up withrepparttar 150566 trap. But what could it be? Was it a log? Was it a block of cement that a commercial trapper had put in? Was it a seal, trapped inrepparttar 150567 pot? It was still too far down to see clearly. He pulled some more. As it was getting closer and within reach,repparttar 150568 line snapped fromrepparttar 150569 strain. My husband was thrown back towardsrepparttar 150570 other side ofrepparttar 150571 boat andrepparttar 150572 mud went flying everywhere!

It was lost! The trap and its contents, whatever they might have been, were gone. Our mouths stopped watering. There would be no prawns for dinner once again. We've puzzled over this one for a long time. What was in that trap that made it so heavy? I guess we will never know.

And our friends, Jan and Hank, have purchased and lost several more traps since this experience. They tell us that they have enjoyed many dinners on their Bayliner complements of their traps, but they never seem to catch anything when we are out with them. Strange coincidence or not?! Maybe it is just one of those

fishing stories!

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