The Rosicrucian Council of Three

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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The Dragons or Pendragons ofrepparttar Arthurian/Grail/Merovingian continuum are admitting or proclaiming a lot of this nonsense in books by De Vere and Sir Laurence Gardner in recent years. Those two authors appear to have had a falling out but just as I knowrepparttar 148827 Illuminati/Alumbrados name has had many revivals I suspect these people use names and apparent conflicts to keep people confused. We all have heard thatrepparttar 148828 Masons and Catholic Church have a serious blood feud but this is just for show. This book (America’s Assassinations and Aspirations) will show Lincoln had gone againstrepparttar 148829 Rothschilds just before they were involved in bringing Crowley/Cagliostro back torepparttar 148830 world stage throughrepparttar 148831 Hermetic Order ofrepparttar 148832 Golden Dawn. L. Ron Hubbard Jr. saidrepparttar 148833 start of Scientology wasrepparttar 148834 death of Crowley who his father took part in a soul transference with.

This is why Lincoln was assassinated even though he was a member ofrepparttar 148835 Rosicrucian Council of Three. The Bush family has not gone against these real managers or shadow world governing forces. That is why they are ‘Teflon Presidents’ and able to supportrepparttar 148836 Merovingian drug enterprises and war machines as well as BCCI,repparttar 148837 S & L or Enron debacles without suffering what happened torepparttar 148838 Kennedy boys. The media is owned or controlled byrepparttar 148839 Rothschild/Rockefeller/Dupont complex including Katharine Graham who recently retired as head ofrepparttar 148840 American Publisher’s Association.

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Ben Franklin and Rosicrucian Dragons - Trepanning

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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As restoration work byrepparttar Friends of Benjamin Franklin House began on 36 Craven Street, a Grade I listed house rescued fromrepparttar 148402 brink of tottering collapse, a small pit was found inrepparttar 148403 basement room. A human thigh bone was found.

The coroner andrepparttar 148404 police were notified. Excavation continued. More human bone surfaced. And more. And more, until more than 1,200 pieces of bone were recovered.

Sincerepparttar 148405 bones were too ancient to trouble Scotland Yard, they are now inrepparttar 148406 care ofrepparttar 148407 Institute of Archaeology, where experts have already determined that they range from an old man to a human baby. Several skulls have been trepanned, and arm and leg bones chopped through.

The most plausible explanation is not mass murder, but an anatomy school run by Benjamin Franklin's young friend and protégé, William Hewson. He had been a pupil ofrepparttar 148408 most brilliant anatomist ofrepparttar 148409 day, William Hunter, butrepparttar 148410 two fell out and Hewson started his own anatomy school - atrepparttar 148411 home of his mother-in-law Margaret Stephenson, just offrepparttar 148412 Strand, where Benjamin Franklin was also a lodger for 16 years.

He had a rich source of subjects at hand:repparttar 148413 resurrection men could deliver bodies stolen from graveyards torepparttar 148414 Thames wharf atrepparttar 148415 bottom ofrepparttar 148416 street, while there was a weekly public execution atrepparttar 148417 gallows onrepparttar 148418 other side ofrepparttar 148419 garden wall.

Benjamin Franklin, who was interested in absolutely everything - he was lucky to escape killing himself or his guests atrepparttar 148420 demonstrations of electricity he was wont to give during dinner parties - must have attendedrepparttar 148421 public dissections.

Hewson died young of blood poisoning after he cut himself during a dissection.

Franklin eventually returned torepparttar 148422 United States, but was estranged from his abandoned family, and separated fromrepparttar 148423 illegitimate son who shared his London years when Franklin declared for American independence andrepparttar 148424 son was exiled for his loyalty to England.

The house was less than 30 years old when Franklin came to London and rentedrepparttar 148425 best first floor rooms, where he was visited by allrepparttar 148426 leading figures in radical politics, science and philosophy.” (2)

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