The Road to Better Results

Written by Shawn Campbell

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New Content

Now we come torepparttar meat of today’s search engine optimization. So far, we have not discussed anything new or original. It isrepparttar 127922 same strategies that have been used since I first got intorepparttar 127923 business of SEO in 1998. Today, with smarter engines, a site needs to be something that is cared about. A site has to grow, develop, and expand as if it were someone’s baby. Gone arerepparttar 127924 days when you could build a site, get good listings, and then forget about it as it brought inrepparttar 127925 traffic andrepparttar 127926 dough. Take care of your site by adding useful content to it on a regular basis, and thenrepparttar 127927 site will gradually grow from a few pages to dozens of pages. Not only will this makerepparttar 127928 site seem more alive - radiating withrepparttar 127929 healthy glow of a developing child - but it hasrepparttar 127930 added benefit of increasingrepparttar 127931 amount of contentrepparttar 127932 site contains, and thus increasingrepparttar 127933 amount of keywords found within it. For example with we add pages with more details about dental coverage or pages with details about government coverage for each province. Every month there are new pages, so that every timerepparttar 127934 spider comes back to visit, it spends more time atrepparttar 127935 site reading new content. This is one half ofrepparttar 127936 key to getting good listings inrepparttar 127937 search engine results pages (SERP).

Link Campaigns

The second half ofrepparttar 127938 key is getting good sites to link to your site. Going after web sites with related content, sites with good authority in your web site’s field, and sites that are “popular” arerepparttar 127939 priority. Getting only reciprocal links is notrepparttar 127940 goal, gettingrepparttar 127941 aforementioned sites to link to you because you have good, valuable content isrepparttar 127942 goal. Sites that do reciprocal linking usually have hundreds of links on their link pages and these will add very little value to your site. Don’t waste your time with reciprocal linking. Only link to a site if doing so will increaserepparttar 127943 value of your site inrepparttar 127944 eyes of your clients.

A link campaign is a lot of work, and it involves a lot of frustration and rejection. You have to approach bigger sites and sellrepparttar 127945 value that linking to your site will bring them. For every 20 sites you approach, you will be lucky to get one to link to you. You have to be persistent, consistent, and determined.


Optimizing a site is no longer something you can do and then forget about. For a site to succeed inrepparttar 127946 search engines today, it has to constantly be changing and growing either in content or in links, and ideally in both. It has to appear thatrepparttar 127947 site isrepparttar 127948 life and soul of its creator, and that somebody cares enough about it to pay attention to it. Because after all, ifrepparttar 127949 creator doesn’t care, why shouldrepparttar 127950 search engines?

Shawn Campbell is an enthusiastic player in the ecommerce marketplace, and co-founded Red Carpet Web Promotion, Inc. He has been researching and developing marketing strategies to achieve more prominent listings in search engine results since 1998. Shawn is one of the earliest pioneers in the search engine optimization field.

Find google pagerank fast and boost your ranking

Written by Ashish Thakkar

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Now you would ask why pagerank ? Because PageRank is Google's way of deciding a page's importance. It matters because it is one ofrepparttar important factors that determines a page's ranking onrepparttar 127921 search results. Jvw PageRank Finder help you find valuable domains with high PageRank.

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