The Rise of Rioja Wines

Written by Fraser Neilson

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The vineyards are aware ofrepparttar demands ofrepparttar 145432 younger customer - newer wine drinkers who prefer more fruit driven wines with less oak anf higher levels of alcohol.

The other main competition to Rioja wines are from vineyards in other parts of Spain itself. Areas such as La Mancha, Toro and Jumilla are fast making reputations for themselves for wines inrepparttar 145433 Rioja style but withoutrepparttar 145434 price tag.

La Mancha however has a little bit of an image problem to address due to inrepparttar 145435 past churning out high volumes of lower quality wine which spoiled its reputation.

Nowadays however you can pick up some excellent Rioja quality wines fromrepparttar 145436 region for under $13 and even blind taste tests cannot pick outrepparttar 145437 true Rioja from some ofrepparttar 145438 newer Spanish vineyards.

One ofrepparttar 145439 best qualities of Rioja wines is that they tend to taste just as good at home as they do when drunk in Spain in summertime with tapas on a terrace, so drinking often leads to pleasurable associations and memories.

Indeed Rioja goes brilliantly with all types of food, while also tasting just as good on its own as a treat inrepparttar 145440 early evening.

If you like your wine smooth and fruity with creamy vanilla oak flavours then Rioja could berepparttar 145441 wine you are looking for. Give it a try instead of your usual wine this month Ė you will not be disappointed.

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The First Rule of Wine Drinking

Written by Fraser Neilson

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So by all means experiment but donít ignorerepparttar tried, tested and recommended combinations as they have stoodrepparttar 145431 test of time very well indeed.

As with everything in life,repparttar 145432 only way to learn is to test.So youíll have to move out of your comfort zone and riskrepparttar 145433 odd bad choice in order to move up torepparttar 145434 next level of wine enjoyment.

Yes you may love Californian Pinot Noir but itís important that you stop buying it every week simply because you know that you like it and that itís a safe choice. You need to branch out, as this isrepparttar 145435 only way you will find something even better than your current favourite.

And believe me, Iím sure it exists amongrepparttar 145436 many thousands of wines available worldwide. The best way of branching out is to start buying mixed cases of wine, typically a dozen bottles of red and white wines and simply try each one out.

And itís particularly useful to make some tasting notes as you open each one so that you can keep a note of exactly what it was, where it was from and which variety of grape it was and so on.

And donít forget to note precisely why you liked or disliked it. Was itrepparttar 145437 citrus fruit flavours onrepparttar 145438 tongue, or was itrepparttar 145439 creamy vanilla oakiness that really made it for you?

Didrepparttar 145440 light fresh aroma contribute torepparttar 145441 enjoyment? Get it down on paper before you openrepparttar 145442 next bottle, as tomorrow your recollection might be a little hazy!

So you must experiment a bit, but donít go for a complete extreme to what you normally drink right away.

Go for similar varieties at first and you are less likely to put yourself off progressing and expanding your taste in wine.

And remember,repparttar 145443 only one who can tell you what wines you like best is you yourself so, whateverrepparttar 145444 combination, be sure to enjoy it.

Fraser Neilson is webmaster at and a graduate of the Wines and Spirits Education Trust. You can find some great wine resources and special offers to help improve your enjoyment over at

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