The Right Writer: How To Choose Your Next Copywriter

Written by Barry W. Morris

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Guideline Three Look for Creativity

Selecting a writer with a creative mind is essential torepparttar success of any writing project. A creative writer is a creative thinker.

Unless you haverepparttar 148253 time and inclination to micromanage each stage ofrepparttar 148254 writing process, you’ll want a professional who will askrepparttar 148255 appropriate questions inrepparttar 148256 beginning get straight to work withoutrepparttar 148257 need for constant supervision.

Such writers are in good supply. How do you find them? Again, return torepparttar 148258 all-important web site.

This time examinerepparttar 148259 site for appropriate use of:

•Proper and orderly layout •Appropriate use of color •Overall presentation of information •And above all, creative copy.

Chances are good that if a writer has difficulty with any of these on her own site, she’s notrepparttar 148260 writer you’re looking to hire.

Guideline Four The Life/Experience Quotient

This is a non-mathematical phrase we coined to describerepparttar 148261 collective feel one gets in evaluating writers for assignment. It involves several criteria:

•Educational accomplishments •Career accomplishments outside of writing •Industry diversity in their writing career •References from past employers / clients

Once you get a feel forrepparttar 148262 type of work a writer has completed, you’ll be in a more favorable position to selectrepparttar 148263 appropriate candidate.

If you feel that a particular writer is well-balanced on terms of life / work experience, exposure to industry diversity, and presents herself well online and in person, then you’ve foundrepparttar 148264 “Right Writer.”


Selectingrepparttar 148265 best freelance commercial writer for your writing project depends on many factors. Some of these includerepparttar 148266 type of project, deadline issues, budget constraints, client expectations, etc.

Once you’ve narrowedrepparttar 148267 list of candidates down to an acceptable number, look forrepparttar 148268 writer with an effective web presence as well as one who presents himself well in person and in print.

Select a writer who is a creative thinker and is able to translate this into a fresh perspective for your piece. Finally, select a professional whom your feel is in possession ofrepparttar 148269 right mix of life / work experiences that will bringrepparttar 148270 proper tone to your project.

Using these four guidelines, I feel confident that you’ll have no difficulty findingrepparttar 148271 “Right Writer” for your next project.

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So you want to be a copywriter?

Written by Bill Knight

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I've written many articles for websites, emails and sales letters. I write poetry, humour and boring stuff like FAQ's and product information. But I'm never bored becauserepparttar work can be so varied.

Then there'srepparttar 148169 money of course. A good freelancer should be able to make around 50K a year. Some make less but some can make over 100K a year. There really is no limit. Make a name for yourself and not only will you be earning a good living, you could possibly find yourself inrepparttar 148170 enviable position of being able to pick and chooserepparttar 148171 work you do.

Still want to be a copywriter?

Good! Now let's dispel a few myths by answering a few questions that I get asked allrepparttar 148172 time.

The 6 Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you need a formal education and a degree? No way! Although most agencies will only employ graduates, there's no reason why a freelancer needs anything other than a good command ofrepparttar 148173 English language, creativity and a flare for writing. There are many copywriting courses available, if you're a little unsure or want to hone your skills, but make surerepparttar 148174 course work is set by an experienced and reputable copywriter.

2. Can previous work experience help? Yes! Sales and marketing experience is very useful if you intend to make a living as a sales copywriter. Atrepparttar 148175 very least, you should understandrepparttar 148176 sales process andrepparttar 148177 customer service aspect.

3. I don't have a portfolio. How can I get work? Create one! Write some articles, write a small book, write some sales letters, brochures and emails. Show what you can do. Write for free. Write for charities, magazines or newspaper letter pages. Use your imagination and write about anything.

4. Where arerepparttar 148178 best places to get work? You could try contacting marketing agencies by way of a letter of introduction, but don't hold your breath. Magazines are always looking for fillers, so this would be a good place to start. Local small businesses might be interested in having some leaflets written for door to door delivery. Contact them by letter, listing your services and your rates. When you have gained a little experience, go online and subscribe to some ofrepparttar 148179 freelance websites. Elance, Freelance Work Exchange and Getafreelancer are quite good, but be prepared to compete with other bidders from all overrepparttar 148180 world. Some Indian freelancers will work for as little #3 an hour, so you're up against it. Still, I think it's worthrepparttar 148181 experience. I get some of my assignments this way.

Build a website or have someone do it for you. I'm ofrepparttar 148182 opinion that all businesses should have a website if they want to stay in business.

Create a mail shot and work your way through your local Yellow Pages. Sell yourself. It's what you will have to do anyway, so get used to it.

5. What should I charge for my services? This is just a guide. You'll instinctively know when you've become established.

A one page letter consists of around 500 words and should take no more than 2 hours to write, revise and finalise. If you want #10 an hour, that'll be #20 forrepparttar 148183 job. Don't bother quoting a price per word as you'll find yourself writing a load of drivel in order to fillrepparttar 148184 pages.

Again, once you're established you can charge what you think your work is worth. It's not uncommon to charge #400 for a 6 page sales letter, if you're good.

6. What do you think isrepparttar 148185 most essential skill of a successful copywriter? If you can't do this, you won't be very successful.

"Write as you talk"

That's it! You must be able to communicate with your reader right offrepparttar 148186 page. Your words must be conversational. You must be able to 'speak' to your reader and stir their interest, their emotions, their desires.

If you're trying to sell them something, you must be convincing. Your letter has to be compelling and attention-grabbing. Finally, your letter has to make them take some action. This could be filling in a form, making a phone call or writing a cheque. It's a call to action.

Still think you have what it takes?

Then go forth and return withrepparttar 148187 bountiful harvest of your creative genius!

Good luck and warm regards,

Bill Knight

(# denotes GBP or US Dollars)

Bill Knight is a professional International Copywriter based in the UK. He writes mainly for the UK and US markets, but also has clients from all over the world.

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