The Right Time to BE Successful in MLM

Written by Andre Best

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Are you wasting your ever-so-precious 'present' time? The only TRUE time that you have thinking aboutrepparttar past grains of sand that you let 'slip by'?

There they are, down there. You can see them in your memories and yet you can't change a law of nature.

They're in that lower chamber to stay.

You can't get them back.

They've fallen.

Their time came and went and you didn't do anything about it.

How many MLM prospects did you let slip by that past present moment?

How many business-building opportunities?

How many times did you let a moment to reach out to that prospect slip by intorepparttar 122500 never-to-be-seen-again lower chamber?

And then do you know what you do to make it worse?... Like most ofrepparttar 122501 rest ofrepparttar 122502 world?

You take that memory of that past missed opportunity, of that regret, of that one that got by, and you imprint it on allrepparttar 122503 grains of sand inrepparttar 122504 upper chamber of your hourglass 'future' zone.

How do you do this?... With your memories ofrepparttar 122505 past.

With your thoughts.

In your mind.

And so what happens then?...

...You're destined to repeat those missed chances, those regrets, those gone-by prospects again. A never-ending cycle.

As long as a person keeps bringing absolutely unchangeable past events intorepparttar 122506 present, through thought - consciously or sub-consciously, these events are going to be repeated again at some-time inrepparttar 122507 future.

It's a law of nature. And it's a never-ending cycle that can be hard to get out of.

Think about it.

How many times have you heard fromrepparttar 122508 big MLM heavy's what they had to go through before they finally 'made it'? They had to experience so many failures, most people would have quit long ago, but they didn't.

Read Richard Poe's classic 'Wave 3' book and you'll see tons of examples of this.

So how does this all relate to you?...


How many past 'failures' have you had that you're afraid will repeat themselves AGAIN?

How much money did you loss in that last 'deal' or deals and you're afraid that your next one orrepparttar 122509 one you just started will dorepparttar 122510 same thing again? And so you approach your present business-op totally cautiously and ever so-slowly?

How much success do you think THAT will breed? I'd guess not much.

Or none.

How about being afraid of ANY aspect of your MLM business because of what 'happened before'?

"That person rejected me."

"My family laughed at me."

"My spouse says this pyramid stuff is nothing but a scam."

"I lost a bunch of green in that last ad co-op so maybe I shouldn't do that again."

"I went out and talked to tons of people and all I got were "no's", so maybe I should rethink this stuff."

"Maybe there's another deal out there that's better then this one, so maybe I should just wait and hold out until I find it."

Think about it. Get analytical and into your head. How much of your PAST experiences are you bringing into your PRESENT deal?

I'm not just talkingrepparttar 122511 bad stuff here. I'm also talking aboutrepparttar 122512 good stuff. But, if you're relatively fresh to MLM, you don't have many, if any, good experiences yet. Just 'bad' ones. Right?

Moving on...


Okay, let's just get torepparttar 122513 bottom line of this insight of mine...

All you have right now is NOW. Basic? Not rocket science? Simple?


But how many people actually are living inrepparttar 122514 present?

How are YOU approaching your new MLM business?

Are you living inrepparttar 122515 present?

Are you seeing your present deal or that deal you're considering with a totally clean slate in that wonderful mind of yours?

Are you seeing all of those prospects as for what they are? Potential heavy's who just might help you get what you want if you first give them what they need?

Are you leavingrepparttar 122516 past TOTALLY behind you? Not just in your MLM business, but in your life in general?

You see, when you're lettingrepparttar 122517 past intorepparttar 122518 present it creates a future filled with fear.

And doubt.

And hesitation.

And procrastination.

And regrets.

And failures.

Don't do that to yourself.

You got into this MLM stuff so that you could get what you wanted from your existence on this planet. You didn't join to make pennies. You joined to MAKE your dream. Whatever it is.

If that isn't happening for you right now, thenrepparttar 122519 probable culprit is what you're doing unconsciously.

You're figuratively reaching down into and scooping out all of those sands of times from that lower chamber (orrepparttar 122520 recesses of your sub- conscious mind), and then placing them into that upper 'future' chamber. Eventually, they will AGAIN become your 'present' time through repeated thoughts of lack and poverty and inaction in your physical world.

Don't do that to yourself.

Find out how to escape from this dreaded cycle of mediocrity and create your present as you want it to be.

...Not how those voices fromrepparttar 122521 past tell you to make it.

Or how those fears fromrepparttar 122522 future, which hasn't happened yet are 'directing' you to build your business.

Stay inrepparttar 122523 'present'. It's all you've got.

Work on yourself. Work on yourself. WORK on your-SELF.

Work on your mind.

Like you've heard probably from many sources...

Work on your mind...

Change your thoughts.

Change your mind.

Change your feelings.

Change your actions.

Change your habits.

Change your results.

Then you'll get what you want.

So, DO it.

Makerepparttar 122524 most of your 'present'. Forgetrepparttar 122525 past. Stop worrying aboutrepparttar 122526 future...

...And just BE.

Find out who you need to be BEING to be successful in your MLM business.

Do this and you will succeed. IN all your present moments.

Your relationships.

Your J.O.B.

Your plans.

Your goals.

Your dreams.

And... your MLM business.

Andre Best is the owner of - a generic MLM resource site offering over 400 printed pages of unique information for struggling and beginning MLM/network marketers.

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MAKING the Time to Do Your Deal

Written by Andre Best

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Instead of readingrepparttar newspaper for almost an hour every day...I read books that built me up as a human being and that benefitted me in every corner of my life. Not just my MLM business.

Instead of watching 2 to 3 hours ofrepparttar 122499 tube every day ...I now watch about one hour of television A MONTH.

Am I bragging?


Was it tough to give this stuff up?

It was like coming off an addiction. It was as if someone was asking me to give up a piece of my-self.

Was it worth it?

Darn right it was!


Can you dorepparttar 122500 same?

Only you knowrepparttar 122501 answer to that one.

How badly do you want to findrepparttar 122502 hours to work your MLM business each and every week?

How badly to you want to stop hiding behindrepparttar 122503 excuse that you're 'too busy'?

How badly do you want to move beyond where you are now (which incidentally is a continuing repeat of where you were many times before)?

It takes persistence, guts, andrepparttar 122504 'gotta wanna' drive in order to fully change your life.

Change what you want...and you change your thoughts.

Change your thoughts...and you 'change' your mind.

Change your mind...and you change yourself.

Change yourself...and you change your life.

Change your life...and you are MAKING your world.

What world do you want to make from now on?....

How badly do you want your world to include a viable, working, successful MLM business venture that takesrepparttar 122505 heat off of you to provide for yourself and/or your family in this world?

How willing are you to start looking for where you can find that 7 to 10 hours to begin a genuine effort to give yourself what you desperately want to hold in your life.





Peace of mind.


If you've already trimmed your life like I'm talking about above, then Bravo! for you.


If you haven't, then I offer you these last few words.

If you've read what I've written and you think that I'm absolutely wacko for writing it and you're going to hitrepparttar 122506 'back' button on your browser right now...all I ask is for you to think about one thing tomorrow, before you do anything drastic.

When you get up tomorrow morning and are reading your daily blast of 'news' while eating breakfast...

...and you're relaxing in front ofrepparttar 122507 television after your busy day atrepparttar 122508 J.O.B. or after a long day at home looking afterrepparttar 122509 rugrats...

...and when you are hittingrepparttar 122510 sack at night for your daily long dose of zzzz's....

...think about what I wrote for you today.

Ask yourself --

-- "How is this activity (T.V./sleeping/junk reading) helping me get what I want out of my MLM business?"

After asking that and after thinking about it, if you discover that you are inrepparttar 122511 eeniest, tiniest, smallest way wondering how to make this MLM stuff work out better for you...

Begin with this small step...

Begin to change your life by changing what you want. You'll find that 'findingrepparttar 122512 time' will become second nature for you. Those seven to twenty hours EVERY week will just pop up in your life like magic.

And just wait until you discover for yourself what you can then 'busy' yourself with trying to fill them up.


Your MLM business, perhaps?...

Andre Best is the owner of - a generic MLM resource site offering over 400 printed pages of unique information for struggling and beginning MLM/network marketers.

(Author's permission is granted to share this full article with others.)

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