The Resubmission Myth

Written by Bobby Heard

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These search engine optimization companies that tell their consumers that resubmissions work also present other ridiculous claims:

- “We will submit you to 1000’s of search engines” - This list always ends up including Google, Google Canada, Google Germany and Google for every country they have a site for as well as Yahoo, Yahoo Canada, Yahoo Australia, etc. The problem here is that every Google site usesrepparttar same Google database and every Yahoo sites usesrepparttar 127828 same Yahoo database. Don’t believe me? Go to and look atrepparttar 127829 very bottom ofrepparttar 127830 page beside their copyright. It says searching 8 billion + pages. Now go to,,, and look inrepparttar 127831 same place, do you notice something? It’srepparttar 127832 same number! It’srepparttar 127833 same database!

- “Search Engines only indexrepparttar 127834 pages that you submit to them” - What they’re saying here is that any other pages of your site won’t be indexed unless you submit each of them individually. Wrong again! Don’t believe me? Go to and type in “” We only submitted our index page when we first started our business. Just one page (index.html), once. Look how many pages they have put in their database.

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Are You Getting The Most From Your Meta Tags?

Written by Francisco Aloy

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Each one ofrepparttar Frequency Counters above has different uses and qualifications. The Writewords counter has two flavors: word and phrase count. The Web4Future counter is Web based or a standalone download.

How to use them:

Copy and pasterepparttar 127827 content ofrepparttar 127828 web page in question and see whatrepparttar 127829 top word frequencies are. You can eliminate most articles and modifiers and concentrate on pure words. As an example: If your web page is about red and blue widgets,repparttar 127830 words "red/blue/widgets" should haverepparttar 127831 highest frequency.

A Word of Caution About Writing Content:

Userepparttar 127832 Frequency Counters AFTER you writerepparttar 127833 web page content. Don't allow word frequency to get inrepparttar 127834 way of your natural writing style. Do NOT attempt to hit a certain frequency percentage; you'll be penalized by many Search Engines for too much keyword usage.

In Closing

Thoughrepparttar 127835 word Frequency Counters are good tools for a quick check, nothing compares to laser-focused writing for good Meta Tags information. Let your writing flow naturally and stay concentrated on your subject keywords. If you do that, you'll find it easy to weave your keywords into your content and Meta Tags.


by Francisco Aloy

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