The Remote Viewers' Matrix Explained

Written by Jonina (Joni) Dourif

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However, long before Carl Jung was born, inrepparttar third century, people practiced something called alchemy. They spoke of "the Philosopher's Stone" which was thought to signifyrepparttar 109319 force behindrepparttar 109320 evolution of life andrepparttar 109321 universal binding power. The force that unites minds and souls in a human oneness. Inrepparttar 109322 third century??? Where were people getting such ideas?

Throughoutrepparttar 109323 tapestry of history of mankind there have been signs describingrepparttar 109324 unifying force that connects all human lives. Descriptions, telling us that we can access a vast body of knowledge, that we are reallyrepparttar 109325 wizards behindrepparttar 109326 curtains. Today, I hear people say, if it's so easy then why don't we already know how to do it? Must we be brilliant people to penetrate this facade of ignorance?

The difference between history's message and what we at PSI TECH say is that we found that universal road to Oz but we don't know what hides behindrepparttar 109327 curtains. We have to look there each and every time to answer each and every question. We can do it and so can you! We have found a way for all humans to access this body of knowledge and you need not be brilliant or particularly learned, you only need to be able to follow a certain set of protocols. The protocols are called TRV or Technical Remote Viewing andrepparttar 109328 process has proven time and time again to be able to successfully retrieve accurate information fromrepparttar 109329 Matrix. TRV has no requirement of belief or faith. It is not prejudice of race, religion or culture. The process itself is not personal. It's standardized and it only requires a certain willingness to follow simple directions in a somewhat disciplined way. We can't sell you any more then history has thatrepparttar 109330 Matrix really exits but we can show you how to access it over and over again.

The discovery of such a thing asrepparttar 109331 "matrix" andrepparttar 109332 practical use of its treasure chest of knowledge can be compared to that of Prometheus bringing fire fromrepparttar 109333 heavens forrepparttar 109334 first time. It is almost impossible to grasprepparttar 109335 profound meaning ofrepparttar 109336 impact of access to unlimited knowledge for a human being. I can tell you for one, that all of us participating in this journey are awed byrepparttar 109337 application andrepparttar 109338 meaning ofrepparttar 109339 quest.

"Eternal truth needs a human language that alters withrepparttar 109340 spirit ofrepparttar 109341 times." - C.G. Jung

A professional remote viewer, Jonina (Joni) Dourif was one of the first civilians trained in this formerly Top Secret technology. In 1989 PSI TECH ushered Remote Viewing out of the U.S. Military. Shortly thereafter, Joni was asked on-board to commercialize Technical Remote Viewing® for the public domain. Joni continues to lead PSI TECH into the future on the cutting edge of PSI and mind technology. &

Why learn to sing?

Written by Michael Oliphant

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In 2001 I spent a lot of time helping develop a revolutionary approach to singing. Together with Kate Slaney, one ofrepparttar most successful singing teachers in Australia and Roger McLachlan from The Little River Band we set about to create a contemporary singing course that could be used overrepparttar 109318 internet. The result is at After decades as professional musicians and singers we figured we could produce something that was accessible, fun to use, and was able to dispelrepparttar 109319 entire mystique about singing.

Honestly, it was an enormous gamble. We dedicated 2 years of our lives to building this online course that streams straight to your pc from a website and we were not at all sure how well it would be received. The net can be a fickle place. Now, 2 years later, thousands of people have used Explore Your Voice to build their confidence and discover their own unique voice.

Ultimately it all depends on what you want in your life. For some people, a great singing voice is not so critical, they would prefer lots of cash if givenrepparttar 109320 choice! To others it is as important as breathing. The ability to sing in key with a strong voice and a warm, charming tone is one of life’s true rewards.

In my experience, many would-be singers simply never make that necessary decision to invest a little time in themselves. They likerepparttar 109321 idea of singing well but find themselves always putting it off to another day. The next time you pass by a karaoke bar think of this - what is stopping you?

Michael Oliphant is a successful professional musician,producer,songwriter and web developer.When not drinking coffee in cafes around St Kilda Australia he can be found as part of the team at http://www.freeonlinesingingmagazine or

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