The Relationship Between Water and The Liver

Written by Jan K. Johnson

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In order to avoid problems, drink plenty of water to assistrepparttar livers cleansing function by flushing out wastes. Water hydratesrepparttar 149105 body and allowsrepparttar 149106 cells to stay healthy and active. This is necessary forrepparttar 149107 proper function of all bodily organs.

Try to eat green leafy vegetables and fruits and exercise is always recommended.

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A New Holistic Treatment Protocol for Herpes and Cold Sores

Written by christopher scipio

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I also don't believe inrepparttar validity of suppressive therapy for Herpes. I think suppression inevitably leads torepparttar 149063 disease expressing itself in other ways-ways that may be more devastating than conventional outbreaks- sorepparttar 149064 protocol is not designed to suppress outbreaks altogether but rather to lengthenrepparttar 149065 period of time between outbreaks and to shorten their duration and greatly lessen their severity. Some people have had their average duration of outbreaks reduced from 12-16 days to 1 to 2 days. Some people have been able to prevent most outbreaks from re-occouring

The protocol does not curerepparttar 149066 disease and does not stop all symptoms from appearing. Even those who have been able to stop most of their outbreaks have experienced some mild infrequent outbreaks. many less than one per year. Some far less than that.

After taking someone's caserepparttar 149067 protocol is adjusted depending on many factors includingrepparttar 149068 strain ofrepparttar 149069 virus,repparttar 149070 frequency, location and duration of outbreaks. The relative health ofrepparttar 149071 client’s self-esteem andrepparttar 149072 relative level of stressors. Whetherrepparttar 149073 client is male or female,

length of time withrepparttar 149074 disease , etc , etc, etc. For mostrepparttar 149075 protocol involves both internal and topical remedies. For all it involves combination therapy- I learned a great deal from studying how other natual practitioners were treating HIV , especially people who had both HIV and Herpes or who had drug-resistant HIV. In North American many people with HIV also have Herpes. Many ofrepparttar 149076 same substances that are effective for HIV are also effective for Herpes.

All ofrepparttar 149077 substances inrepparttar 149078 protocol are from botanical sources. Many ofrepparttar 149079 substances I grow or wildcraft myself. Most ofrepparttar 149080 substances I tincture or homeopathically prepare myself. Melissa Officinalis isrepparttar 149081 cornerstone ofrepparttar 149082 protocol. Lomatium Dissectum and Olive Leaf and Prunella Vulgaris are part ofrepparttar 149083 remedy for everyone. There are also two patented substances- one from a Marine Biologist and Bio-Chemist and one from a MD that are frequently prescribed herbally as part ofrepparttar 149084 protocol. The most common homeopathic remedies prescribed inrepparttar 149085 protocol are Rhus-tox, Mezereum and Rananuculus, but there are over two dozen homeopathic remedies that I use depending onrepparttar 149086 symptom picture and another dozen or so herbal substances. Againrepparttar 149087 protocol is a combination therapy. Some of these substances are used internally , some externally.

I am not big onrepparttar 149088 use of L-lysine. I never found it particularly effective and now research is showingrepparttar 149089 long term use of L-lysine can actually lower your immune function. L-lysine is not part of the


Forrepparttar 149090 most severe cases, A referral to a Hypnotherapist is part ofrepparttar 149091 protocol. Hypnosis has been clinically proven to be very effective inrepparttar 149092 treatment of Herpes particularly when combined with other therapies.

Lastly, I counsel people to make peace withrepparttar 149093 disease. To not treatrepparttar 149094 virus as some ghastly invader. But to somehow dialogue withrepparttar 149095 virus and reach some kind of accommodation. The virus is an

intelligent, motivated organism quite capable of surviving. The virus is just one of many many micro organisms homesteading in our bodies. I encourage people whenever possible to make an agreement withrepparttar 149096 virus to allowrepparttar 149097 virus to stay ifrepparttar 149098 virus agrees to cause as little disruption ofrepparttar 149099 host's life as possible. And above all else to not be ashamed of having Herpes. To haverepparttar 149100 courage to speak aboutrepparttar 149101 disease and not feel like a leper.

If you haven’t read my essay “Why I love making my own remedies”, please do read it.

Christopher Scipio


Holistic Herpes Specialist


Christopher Scipio , is one of the most experienced holistic practitioners treating the Herpes virus.

A homeopath and herbalist who hails from a long line of Caribbean natural healers, Scipio has during the last 15 years developed a very successful natural protocol in treating the Herpes family of viruses.

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