The Reinvention of FUN and loss of STRESS.

Written by Malcolm Pugh

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Was born in 1952, originally a civil engineer, then 25 years systems programming. played like mad, worked like mad. Now only the mad survives

Gender Reversal

Written by John W. Sammon

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The other dayrepparttar president ofrepparttar 118261 biggest power on earth, angered by continued violence in Iraq, said "Come on," daring insurgents to attack our own troops (the White House press corps tried to clean this gaff up, saying Bush only meant to say our forces were strong). If this little tiny pipsqueak man would stop swaggering around, we'd all be a lot better off. Hormonal grandstanding is one ofrepparttar 118262 drawbacks of a real man's man, and a male presidency. I'm largely free of such feelings. Should I feel guilty? Ashamed? Not only am I a sensitive guy, on weekends my wife gets inrepparttar 118263 car and drives to meetings (she's a workaholic) while I stay home and wait for her to return. Isn'trepparttar 118264 man supposed to do this (drive off)? I think I've got it backwards. Maybe my mother was really supposed to have a second daughter, and my signals got mixed up just atrepparttar 118265 last second. In any event, I'm proud of my feminine side, and secure with it. I'd like to see a woman president, if for no other reason than she wouldn't have to live up to John Wayne.

John W. Sammon writes a weekly politically incorrect humor column you may access at He is the author of two books, one to be released soon about serving at the Korean truce village of Panmunjom.

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