The Reality of Successful Web Site Today

Written by Alan Wasser

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You can carry out as many online surveys as you want. Place at your siterepparttar link like this: "Take part in our online survey!" Explain them, that their opinion is highly appreciated and is indeedrepparttar 131765 first driving force of your work. They can't help taking advantage of expressing their thoughts. You, in your turn, will learn them inside out, learn more about their preferences, their critics and thereby use their feedback to optimize your approach to cooperating with them.

You need no special programming skills to install web forms creation program. Most web form software is normally realized on PHP/MySQL technology and can be easily added into any web site. You have multi-functional tool: web forms are meant for marketers, HR managers, customer support; in general, to those, who are looking to perform surveys and analyzerepparttar 131766 results quickly and efficiently. With all its advantages and benefits, web forms building software allows budget-minded site owners to create eye-catching and graphically oriented surveys and gatherrepparttar 131767 precious information for your business strategy optimizing without having to shell out tens of thousands of dollars. Web forms arerepparttar 131768 tools that reducerepparttar 131769 budget without sacrificingrepparttar 131770 level of professionalism involved. You maximize returns and obtain reliable data for providing better service to your customers. Sometimes when you want to make greater profit, you don't need to earn more money; you might just need to spend it reasonably andrepparttar 131771 results will exceed your expectations. - Web Mail Forms in Few Clicks

Do You Need a Web Site Monitoring Service?

Written by Lew Newlin

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Monitoring "interval" is simplyrepparttar frequency in which a site or server is checked. Most monitoring services offer packages ranging from 2 to 60 minutes. Since monitoring costs are largely based onrepparttar 131763 monitoring interval, it is important to determine downtime interval is acceptable. Ifrepparttar 131764 site or server is mission critical, 2 minute monitoring intervals may be required to avoid revenue loss. Onrepparttar 131765 other hand, a site or server operating a hobby may not require monitoring at all.

Contact List and Methods

Most monitoring firms email a contact list inrepparttar 131766 event of an issue. There are four important points to consider: (1) your e-mail availability; (2)repparttar 131767 number of persons that can be contacted; (3) testing your email devices; and (4) additional costs.

If you carry an email enabled cellular phone, pager, PDA, or other device 24/7 you are in great shape. However, if you check e-mail a few times per day, having your server monitored at 2 minutes intervals makes little sense ifrepparttar 131768 monitoring service uses email notification. Take a realistic assessment of your email availability. My personal solution was to email enable my cellular phone. The email address is not published andrepparttar 131769 phone is with me 24/7.

Most monitoring firms offerrepparttar 131770 ability to contact multiple persons. The logic is that someone onrepparttar 131771 list will be available to react to an issue. While this approach may sound odd, it may make sense to contact your Webmaster, LAN administrator, yourself, or others depending on your staff size, work schedules, and hosting arrangement.

Most monitoring firms offerrepparttar 131772 ability to send "test" messages to your contact list. This feature is provided to ensure everyone on your contact list is correctly receiving notification messages.

Readrepparttar 131773 fine print. Some firms have "additional" charges for pager messages and if you exceed a specific number of notifications per month. As everyone involved in technology knows,repparttar 131774 unexpected normally happens, and on a daily basis. It is important to understand what you are agreeing to and your level of financial commitment.


Monitoring costs very greatly depending onrepparttar 131775 monitoring interval, method used to determine operational status, and services provided. Generally prices range from free to $99.00 per month. Mission critical server packages normally range fall inrepparttar 131776 $30.00 - $60.00 per monthly range.


Monitoring firms perform monitoring from outside your organizational IT infrastructure inrepparttar 131777 same fashionrepparttar 131778 world accesses your servers. Doing so ensures that your servers are truly available to your visitors and items such as firewall are correctly configured. Depending on your business goals, monitoring can be a valuable resource and play a critical role in your online success.

Lew Newlin is CTO of Information Solutions, Inc. that operates SiteRecon specializes in security, email monitoring, and web site monitoring for Internet service providers and businesses.

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