The Reality of Fairies

Written by Skye Thomas

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Okay, so that could explain why I can't tellrepparttar difference between angels and fairies. Butrepparttar 122291 question that I have is why wererepparttar 122292 angels leaving so fast that The Father literally had to lockrepparttar 122293 last ofrepparttar 122294 angels in? Doesn't make it sound likerepparttar 122295 angels in heaven are there by choice does it? Weird story compared torepparttar 122296 biblical teachings. But then again, it's out ofrepparttar 122297 Celtic regions and I suppose that's what happens when you combine Pagan beliefs with Christian stories.

Another piece that I found very interesting was written by a psychologist in England in a chat forum. He did not believe in fairies at all and was pointing out howrepparttar 122298 ancient stories about fairies have incredible similarities torepparttar 122299 modern stories about aliens. They both are known for abductions. They are both known for seducing and/or forcing sexual relationships to strengthen their own weak genetic lines. They are both known for stealing and swapping babies. They are both magical and levitate or fly. They are both green or gray. They are both shy and refuse to be photographed. They both disappear if you blink. There is no tangible scientific proof for either after thousands of sightings. They are both either short and ugly or tall and beautiful. They both are heard through telepathy rather than seen most ofrepparttar 122300 time. They both have two different types -repparttar 122301 good and helpful ones andrepparttar 122302 bad and evil ones. Guess what else...repparttar 122303 beautiful ones arerepparttar 122304 good ones andrepparttar 122305 ugly ones arerepparttar 122306 bad ones regardless of describing aliens or fairies.

Now, compare what we know ofrepparttar 122307 fairies and aliens to what we know of angels. Same thing. There are beautiful ones that are helping us and there are evil ones trying to have sex with us. Regardless of which word you use, little gray aliens, ugly little fairies, orrepparttar 122308 fallen angels - they all are visually hideous, greedy, selfish, rapists, child stealers, abductors, and just plain creepy. Whilerepparttar 122309 attractive aliens, angels, and beautiful fairies are all helpful, guardians, light, loving, healing, musical, artistic, sexually innocent, and spiritually wise.

For me, it's allrepparttar 122310 same. It's just a matter of which words and stories you like best. There have always been stories of good spirits and bad spirits. We often feel their presence and can even hear them speaking to us telepathically sometimes, but don't quite catch a glimpse of them. I've also noticed that you can definitely tell which kind of energy they resonate with, good or evil. When they come to visit with you, you are surrounded in either love and lightness or something dark and heavy. I callrepparttar 122311 good guys angels and fairies.

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Manifesting Effectively

Written by Roy E. Klienwachter

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 So how do we spend less time getting what we want? Why do we try, try, and try again only to end up trying? Withinrepparttar last sentence,repparttar 122290 answer is obvious. Stop trying! The fastest and most effective way to get what you want is to stop trying to get it. The quickest way to having what you desire or want, is to already know that you have it. Let go of control. Stop trying. Letrepparttar 122291 system work! Give in torepparttar 122292 system. I'm not saying to quit, but just getrepparttar 122293 hell out ofrepparttar 122294 way and let it happen. It is your thought process that is confusing everything. It isrepparttar 122295 changing of your mind about how you are going to get what you want, that confusesrepparttar 122296 process. The process may start of in one direction, your thought changes and then so doesrepparttar 122297 process. Think clearly about what you want or desire. Be specific, have a clear picture in your mind and be purposeful in your desire to get it. Then forget about it. Don't try to make it happen. Simply start noticingrepparttar 122298 changes around you, without making any judgements. Notice new choices that are coming your way. Choose wisely. You will always get what you desire. If you do not, or not inrepparttar 122299 way that you would expect, it's because you were unsure of your thoughts andrepparttar 122300 inner interpretation was different than your conscious one. Thought is always made manifest at some level. Thoughts always become physical, although for most of your thoughts, you would not be aware of it. Thoughts that are purposeful, focused and well thought out will come into your awareness. It'srepparttar 122301 law ofrepparttar 122302 universe, it's how it works. My point is to let go, let it happen, give up control and watch your magic happen.

Roy E. Klienwachter is an ordained minister, light worker, writer and author of New Age books. Visit him at for 100's of articles on New Age Wisdom. Written in simple language withrepparttar 122303 eloguence of Zen wisdom. Free gift!

Roy E. Klienwachter is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. An ordained minister and New Age Light Worker. Roy has written three books on New Age wisdom. "Simple Manifesting," "First Steps To Spiritual Enlightenment," "The New Age of Healing." Roy's books are thought provoking and designed to empower you to take responsibility for your life and what you create. His books and articles are written in the simplicity and eloquence of Zen wisdom.

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