The Real Solution for the FTC Crackdown

Written by Floyd Tapia

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But what happens whenrepparttar unthinkable emerges and you're served with legal papers that you are being sued? God, I hope you never find out how this feels.

But statistically, you have a 1 in 3 chance of being in a lawsuit this year... andrepparttar 102428 year after that.

My point? All of us need lawyers at some point in our lives.

But don't allowrepparttar 102429 simple idea of legal documents, though they'll help, to fool you into thinking that they alone will give you full protection against a lawsuit byrepparttar 102430 FTC orrepparttar 102431 IRS... or anyone for that fact.

I have worked inrepparttar 102432 legal industry for years and I am here to tell you, 'it ain't gonna happen.' I DO recommend these types of documents so that you will be fully compliant onrepparttar 102433 Internet.

But it will take much more than that to ultimately protect your assets from being frozen or atrepparttar 102434 very worst, paying huge fees to be represented for something that you did not do wrong orrepparttar 102435 intention was quite innocent.

Remember, "ignorance ofrepparttar 102436 law is no excuse." So what'srepparttar 102437 answer?

There are affordable ways of gettingrepparttar 102438 added peace of mind so that you will not be penniless and in severe debt as a result ofrepparttar 102439 FTC crackdown. What you may ask?

"Bulletproof" lawsuit protection. You and I and most people inrepparttar 102440 United States need this immediately.

I suggest doing a search onrepparttar 102441 Internet under such topics as 'asset protection' and 'lawsuits' to fully understand what you are putting at risk by not having such protections in place now.

But above all else, no matter what you end up doing to protect yourself now, I always advise everyone to seek legal counsel before attempting anything on their own. Good sound advice.

Floyd Tapia has over 8 years of tireless work and research experience on the topic of total asset protection. His news tips via The Tapia Brief, has up-to-date tips on affordable and legal bulletproof lawsuit protection for all your business and personal assets:

How to Review an Affiliate Program

Written by Clay Mabbitt

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Is this a fly-by-night operation? Another concern of affiliates is how longrepparttar program will be around. There's nothing more discouraging than investingrepparttar 102427 necessary time to build a customer base and downline just to haverepparttar 102428 company go belly-up. If you have noticed indicators of a program's long-term success or failure, people who read your review would benefit from your insight. Even if you aren't 100% sure that a company will succeed or fail, it's appropriate to include educated guesses as long as you explain your reasoning.

Why should I choose this opportunity over that one? It can also be helpful to discuss how this opportunity matches up against similar programs. In this case "similar programs" refers to programs that provide comparable products or services as opposed to programs with comparable compensation plans.

A final consideration of your review may be length. Some people prefer to read detailed reviews that delve into every aspect of a company. Others prefer to read short reviews that highlight onlyrepparttar 102429 most noteworthy pros and cons. Both style have supporters and can result in quality reviews. The important thing is to share information that you found helpful when you were evaluatingrepparttar 102430 program.

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