The Rare Blue Roses

Written by Ken Austin

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Another alternative to producing blue roses is to simply use dyes to changerepparttar color ofrepparttar 113322 petals from white to blue. By placing a dye inrepparttar 113323 waterrepparttar 113324 rose drinks, it creates a blue color inrepparttar 113325 leaves, petals, and stem. Whilerepparttar 113326 rose looks blue, it is not because it grew this way, but because ofrepparttar 113327 dye.

So, if you are dead set on finding blue roses you may want to considerrepparttar 113328 above options. We continue to wait for scientists to develop a true blue rose. This rare beauty will bring great job to rose lovers everywhere.

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How to Control Deer in Your Garden

Written by Marilyn Pokorney

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Deer don't likerepparttar smell of soap either. Some gardeners have especially found success with Dial and Zest brands.

Blood meal scattered aroundrepparttar 113321 garden is another good deterrent.

Since deer don't like capsaicin,repparttar 113322 ingredient that makes peppers hot, a spray made from chili peppers deters deers.

Hang fragrant fabric-softener strips, and small nylon bags filled with human hair on trees aroundrepparttar 113323 garden.

Some gardeners have found success by laying chicken wire onrepparttar 113324 ground about six feet wide aroundrepparttar 113325 perimeter ofrepparttar 113326 garden. The deer don't like to walk on it because their hooves get stuck inrepparttar 113327 loops ofrepparttar 113328 wire.

Try planting time-released garlic capsules atrepparttar 113329 bases of trees or shrubs or inrepparttar 113330 rows of plants to be protected.

There is a wide variety of plants that deer won't eat. A list of what they like and don't like can be obtained from your local county cooperative extension office.

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