The Raindrop Technique Massage

Written by Emma Sanford

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The theory of droppingrepparttar oils in this manner is thatrepparttar 145091 oils, which are said to possess electromagnetic properties, are allowed to fall throughrepparttar 145092 electromagnetic field ofrepparttar 145093 receiver before touchingrepparttar 145094 skin. Thusrepparttar 145095 oils are thought to interact withrepparttar 145096 receiver's electric fields in a possibly beneficial way before being absorbed byrepparttar 145097 body throughrepparttar 145098 skin

This technique is used with various holistc modalities, supportingrepparttar 145099 immune system, relieving tension, increasing energy, supporting balanced metabolism, and general wellness enhancement.

Emma Sanford is a Registered Professional Nurse who markets edible wellness products for the family and their pets. For personal use or a home based business visit:

The Secret Benefits of a Fitness Lifestyle

Written by Joey Atlas

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In essence, my father was leading by example. And, not only did I learn from his example, but so did my brother and sister. They are both committed to exercising and eating right (most ofrepparttar time).

This brings me to some of those secret benefits I mentioned earlier. Our kids now watch us workout and eat healthy. The same things that happened to me as a kid are happening torepparttar 145090 next generation. Our kids want to userepparttar 145091 home gym, do stretches and floor exercises, and eat nuts and fruit for snacks instead of candy and cookies (most ofrepparttar 145092 time).

Here is my point in all of this. By taking care of himself my father was taking care of his kids and his grandkids. And, you can believe that his great grandchildren will benefit as well.

What better gift can one pass down thanrepparttar 145093 desire to lead a healthy lifestyle andrepparttar 145094 enhanced quality of life that goes with it? There is nothing better.

In addition to influencing your children, this same mechanism can and also does apply to friends, parents, co-workers and employees (if you are a business owner). Iíve seen this happen with many ofrepparttar 145095 clients I have worked with overrepparttar 145096 years.

The reasons are many butrepparttar 145097 end result is stillrepparttar 145098 same. Your healthy way of life will inspire others around you to take better care of themselves through a healthier life style.

The moral of this story is: By leading a lifestyle built around physical fitness and smart nutrition, you may be taking care of a lot more people than just yourself.

Joey Atlas, MS - Exercise Physiology, is considered one of the top personal trainers in the US. He is the author of the best selling audio CD "Controversial Secrets of a Personal Trainer", Joey is a co-owner of GAC Personal Training,, where he continues to guide people toward a better quality of life through proper exercise programming and nutritional guidance.

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