The RSS Promise for Internet Users

Written by Rok Hrastnik

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COUPONS.COM: SAVINGS TO YOUR DESKTOP ( bringsrepparttar best deals and coupons to internet end-users, helping them save money by discounted shopping. As of late, they also started delivering coupons through RSS feeds, giving their subscribers direct access to their latest offerings.

PUBSUB.COM: TRACKING THE WORLD ( is an amazing service that allows you to track practically everything going on aroundrepparttar 147417 world by matching your keywords with tens of thousands of online content sources, and enabling you to subscribe to your customized search results through customized RSS feeds.

RSSAUCTION.COM: TRACKING YOUR PURCHASE INTERESTS ( If you’re a regular eBay user, you certainly want to keep track of new products available, which precisely match your interests. helps users keep better track of eBay by giving them a tool to first create a comprehensive list of product requirements and then deliveringrepparttar 147418 search result through an RSS feed. As soon as new products matching individual interests appear,repparttar 147419 user is notified of that through his RSS aggregator, giving himrepparttar 147420 ability to start bidding immediately and without having to visit eBay every day to findrepparttar 147421 right products.

UPCOMING.ORG: KEEPING TRACK OF LOCAL AND SOCIAL EVENTS ( Fromrepparttar 147422 website: “ is a collaborative event calendar, completely driven by people like you. Enter inrepparttar 147423 events you're attending, comment on events entered by others, and syndicate event listings to your own weblog. As learns more aboutrepparttar 147424 events you enjoy, it will suggest new events you never would have heard about.”

FEEDBEEP: THE ULTIMATE “TIME-TO-INFORMATION” TOOL ( Depending on who you are and your current life situation, many content alerts are critical for you. If you’re looking for a job, you want to know immediately when a new one matching your precise interests is available, and so on. While RSS brings this information to your desktop, that might not be fast enough. takes internet content delivery one step further, by empowering users to have their critical content updates delivered from an RSS feed directly to their mobile phones via SMS.


The one thing all of these RSS-based or RSS-empowered services have in common is that they empower consumers.

They empower them by gettingrepparttar 147425 content that matters to them delivered directly to their desktops or online content aggregators, but still giving themrepparttar 147426 power to unsubscribe within moments of not being satisfied withrepparttar 147427 content they are receiving.

Even more so, these services empower consumers to create social networks and easily share their information with their friends, family and associates on a large scale.

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5 Common Mistakes Every Online Business Owner Should Avoid

Written by Peter Dobler

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Set yourself a goal on where you want to be in 12 months after starting your online business. Without a plan, evenrepparttar simplest plan, your ambitions are poised to fail.

2. Not Having Your Own Web Site

Get your own domain name and web site. There are many marketers who want you to believe that you can make lots of money without having your own web site. Make a professional staement and get your own domain name and web site.

3. Too Many Activities to Manage

Pick your affiliate and mlm programs wisely. Most newcomers fail due torepparttar 147416 lack of focus. Too many programs will not increase your chances of hittingrepparttar 147417 jackpot. Focus onrepparttar 147418 most effective programs and stick with it. You will be rewarded inrepparttar 147419 long run.

4. Spending Too Much Money Too Quickly

Spending your hard earned money on advertising can quickly turn into an addiction. Meaning that you fall forrepparttar 147420 myth thatrepparttar 147421 more you spend on advertisingrepparttar 147422 more money you make. Wrong. You could spend allrepparttar 147423 money inrepparttar 147424 world onrepparttar 147425 wrong marketing strategy and still not making a profit. This will happen to you with allrepparttar 147426 pay-per-click search engines. There’s a reason why Google is skyrocketing atrepparttar 147427 stock market. There are too many advertisers spending too much money on pay-per-click and are not realizing thatrepparttar 147428 only winner is Google themselves. The only thing that will stop this behavior is you either run out of money or your credit card is maxed out. My advice, pay-per-click isrepparttar 147429 last part of a well planned marketing strategy. There are much more effective advertising vehicles available than pay-per-click.

5. Don’t SPAM

This is single most reason why startup online businesses get in trouble and actually have to close and start all over again. If you have a newsletter or some other information you want to distribute via email. Only use verified email addresses, typically double opt-in email addresses that you collected. Stay away from any brokers who want to sell you huge lists of emails for pennies. This isrepparttar 147430 surefire way to get into trouble and out o business. My advice, slowly grow your email list with verified addresses only. These people actually want to hear from you and are more likely to buy from you.

Unfortunately I didn’t have this information when I started my online business and I paid for making these mistakes. Don’t do what I did, do what I’m telling you to do. Sounds familiar? Well in this case it is just a recap of my experiences and hopefully you get some use out of this.

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Peter Dobler is a 20+ year veteran in the IT business. He is an active Real Estate Investor and a successful Internet business owner. Tap into multiple streams of income at Or learn more about the power of viral marketing; send a blank email to

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