The REAL people's war: 'great satan'

Written by James Sorrell

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--->Make Love, not war!! James Sorrell [ ] --->Only Lucifer is Satan; and it is impossible for a human to be an angel, Holy or fallen! Get out from underrepparttar deception that Satan has you trapped in, by his design, and be attention torepparttar 146887 truth ofrepparttar 146888 message---it is wisdom acquired at great cost & sacrifice, and humble prayer! Stop payingrepparttar 146889 price of slavery, misery, war and death! Have a life of your own, free fromrepparttar 146890 hate, conflict & wars of your dead ancestors! --->LOVE is what you do for ALL others that is in their highest or best interests; anytime, anywhere, selflessly [24/7] !!! or

Teacher: The Keeper of the Flame

Oakley Sunglasses! A Global Brand That Defines The True Meaning Of “Vision”

Written by William Lezubski

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Another one to contemplate isrepparttar Racing Jacket® that will attract anyone looking for a lens that doesn’t easily fog up. They includerepparttar 146783 best clarity withrepparttar 146784 patented XYZ Optics®, and haverepparttar 146785 best defogging ventilation called Ram-air surge ports, combined with Unobtainium® nosebombs, and earsocks that keeprepparttar 146786 frames securely attached torepparttar 146787 hingeless, lightweight frames.

Oakley design! It Doesn’t Hurt To Have The Best Protection Make You Look Great

If style and your fashion presence are important to you, but you don’t want to compromise your vision safety, Oakley protection has you in mind! They know that how you look and feel is trulyrepparttar 146788 reason why they producedrepparttar 146789 complete line of Oakley wires, and X Metal frames.

Wire Frames: There are approximately fifteen styles existing, includingrepparttar 146790 hatchet wire, crosshair, and whisker, along with many other wire frame sunglasses. Depending on what style you choose, you will quickly noticerepparttar 146791 unique wired frame styles, and quality features ranging fromrepparttar 146792 patented hydrophilic Unobtainium® earsocks to ensure a snug, secure fit,repparttar 146793 XYZ Optics® for maximized clarity at all angles of vision,repparttar 146794 Plutonite® lens material for 100% UV protection, Polarized lenses, and optional Iridium® coating to reflect glare and heighten contrast. What this means for you is that these particular sun glasses not only have a fantastic fashion look, but also will provide you withrepparttar 146795 best eye care protection from allrepparttar 146796 bad elements on this planet!

X Metal XX: What can I say! How can you not be impressed with a sunglass that includes Explosive compounds that are vaporized at 3600®F, and isrepparttar 146797 only frame offering 3-D sculptured, hypoallergenic, all-metal frames on earth! Part ofrepparttar 146798 X- Metal frame family such asrepparttar 146799 Romeo andrepparttar 146800 Juliet, it has matched features fromrepparttar 146801 two to enhance coverage for people with larger facial sizes, and now provide new options from Titanium Dioxide plating, to true 24-karat gold finish. Available in a prescription lens as well.

With Oakley making a presence in well over 100 countries aroundrepparttar 146802 world, and now with Oakley online giving access to millions of people viarepparttar 146803 internet, their growing message is that they would like to be recognized asrepparttar 146804 innovators of reinventingrepparttar 146805 concept of eyewear. Their passion that ignitedrepparttar 146806 optical industry has provided their vision to become not onlyrepparttar 146807 best optical product providers, but alsorepparttar 146808 leader in quality fashion, and an exciting line of accessories!

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