The REAL people's war!: 'great satan'

Written by James Sorrell

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--->Make Love, not war!! James Sorrell [ ] --->Only Lucifer is Satan; and it is impossible for a human to be an angel, Holy or fallen! Get out from underrepparttar deception that Satan has you trapped in, by his design, and be attention torepparttar 142229 truth ofrepparttar 142230 message---it is wisdom acquired at great cost & sacrifice, and humble prayer! Stop payingrepparttar 142231 price of slavery, misery, war and death! Have a life of your own, free fromrepparttar 142232 hate, conflict & wars of your dead ancestors! --->LOVE is what you do for ALL others that is in their highest or best interests; anytime, anywhere, selflessly [24/7] !!!

Teacher and lover

What about those Pyramids?

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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to this monument and library in stone, left as a legacy by adepts who saw what man would become? Then they left these monuments so that modern man could see he isn't so all-fired important. Time portal and energy vortex, energy plant, and connection ofrepparttar World Mind with cosmic life: there is so much to address. Dunn and Davidovits are not simpletons and they aren't selling any particular ideology. We have given you a lot of names and books to follow if you want some answers.

Science is only now able to comprehend how much more there is to life and creativity or intelligent design. We look forward to seeing how longrepparttar 142068 fools onrepparttar 142069 hill can maintain their lofty perch.

Author of many books and activist against mind control and soul-grabbing.

Don't accept lies and don't let your soul be used against other life.

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