The Quick, Easy and Affordable Way to Build a Website.

Written by David Kamau

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Comes with in-built FTP, Spell-checker and preview. Tables and forms easy to edit, and custom scripts easy to insert. Java well supported and you can build independent pages.

Weaknesses: requires later version browsers, as it uses "layers". The "layers" can be turned off, but you have to use frames to insert images. Its creators didn't bother to explain in detail how to do this. User Guide notrepparttar easiest to understand, anyway.

Actual Drawing web pages really do look professional, nevertheless. The Standard Version costs $59 and Pro version $99. There's a free trial version.

Web Easy Pro: This one will give you some pretty neat results. You can type your content, drag and drop, or cut/copy and paste it on to your web pages. You can also build independent pages.

Web Easy Pro comes with a good variety of templates and images, as well as in-built FTP, forms and tables. Easy-to-understand User Guide included, with examples.

Weaknesses: Requires user to select "custom" scripts from menu, and Java not well supported. Their page naming (example; 002, 003 etc.) is something I particularly don't like. Custom buttons not easy to create, and spell-checker not available.

Overall, with Web Easy Pro you can build a professional quality website several pages long in a short time. Cost: $39.99 for standard version and $69.99 for pro. You can download a free trial version, also.

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When You Create A Web Site, Don't Make A Splash!

Written by Herb and Monica Leibacher

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2 - They are slow to load on a dial up connection

Even thoughrepparttar world is slowly moving to fast broadband connections, there are still millions upon millions of web users who connect torepparttar 138988 internet using slower dial up connections. Putting a splash page on your web sites makes them wait - in effect, putting a block between them and your chance to present them with information. Why would you want to do that?

3 - Search engines generally can't read splash pages

While technology is evolving,repparttar 138989 search engines like Yahoo and Google search and indexrepparttar 138990 text on your web site. If you don't provide text (meaning you have only a graphical splash page),repparttar 138991 search engines may not be able to find your web site - and that means that your potential visitors won't be able to find you either.

Herb and Monica Leibacher operate Web Builder Express. Create a professional web site for your business or non-profit organization with Web Builder Express. At, you can request your free Quick Start Guide that tells you how to create a great web site.

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