The Purpose of War

Written by Louise Sutherland

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salvation to so many individuals. One problem that most people have is thatif they don'trepparttar true purpose of a thing they will abuse it and I believe that is what is happening to our beliefs in war. At one point it was an honor to serve your country and you were respected and rewarded for doing so. My haverepparttar 125972 times changed. Many of our service men and women enlist forrepparttar 125973 wrong reasons not forrepparttar 125974 true purpose but for self purpose. The civilians at home have no idea whatrepparttar 125975 purpose for war is because they can't see beyond death. Death is something that we all must face one day and it really does not matter how we reach it because it is inevitable. The conclusion to this all is that it really does not matter whatrepparttar 125976 purpose for war is because war will continue as long as we live and breath in this present world andrepparttar 125977 only peace that we will ever know is when we leave and enterrepparttar 125978 next one.

My name is Louise Sutherland. I am a 46-year-old freelance writer who love to read children's books. I am now working on getting my first children's book published. My love for writing started as a young child when I would write pretend stories to read to my friends. I have been married to a wonderful man for four years and I have three beautiful daughters ages 30. 26, and 19. My goal in life is to write uplifting and postive literature for people who enjoy reading.

The Politics of Freedom

Written by Kathy Simcox

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repparttar war on terror not because I am a Republican or a conservative bigot, but because I am an American who holdsrepparttar 125971 value of freedom very near my heart; because I am an American who wants to live withinrepparttar 125972 protective walls of that freedom for as long as I can,repparttar 125973 very same protective walls so many young people have sacrificed their lives to keep standing; and because I want so very much forrepparttar 125974 rest ofrepparttar 125975 world to know how wonderful that freedom feels andrepparttar 125976 peace that freedom brings.

I support our President not because of any hidden agenda or foolish conspiracy, but because he is an American like me who despisesrepparttar 125977 enemy of freedom andrepparttar 125978 enemy of his faith; because he despisesrepparttar 125979 enemy of ALL faiths, including that of true Islam; and because he despisesrepparttar 125980 enemy of humanity. I am a free American, and I believe in all who fight for that freedom.

About the Author Kathy Simcox, Columbus, Ohio, United States

Kathy works as an Administrative Assistant in the College of the Arts at The Ohio State University. She holds a BA in Psychology and is currently working on a second BA in Religious Studies. In addition to writing, her passions include hiking, biking, kayaking, photography, and singing in her church choir. She is also known to read an occasional book.

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