The Psychology of Weight Loss: Part 4 Ė The Power of Praise!

Written by Greg Ryan Fitness Expert

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Positive, Optimistic People: Non-Toxic

Onrepparttar other hand, if you are around those who are honest and encouraging, you become a reservoir of energy. Depending on how important change is to you,repparttar 150830 choice of changing friends and certain relationships may be necessary. In other words, if you want to know about yourself, just look atrepparttar 150831 types of friends you have.


The most effective accountability systems I know are those that stress encouragement, accompanied by direct responsibility. Encouragement and support can come form different directions. In most cases, youíre influenced by those with whom you most associate and those you most value in your life. The more youíre positively reinforced,repparttar 150832 more fulfillingrepparttar 150833 journey will be andrepparttar 150834 more memorable. It takes courage to take this step and if you make it, you should be applauded.


Even though you canít succeed alone, you still have to take some responsibility in your health and goals. Part of being responsible is sharing goals with close friends and support people. Take some pride in what you want to do. Take what youíre doing seriously. If you donít have your health, what do you have?

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Lose Weight with One Simple Mindset

Written by Greg Ryan

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So a good simple mindset when we get up inrepparttar morning is; maintain my sugar levels today. Here are some suggestions:

Put some snacks like nuts in your car incase your energy crashes and burns.

Whatrepparttar 150829 portions of foods at each meal.

Eat more of your complex carbohydrates for breakfast.

Increaserepparttar 150830 amount of protein in your meals.

Eat less rice, breads and pastas at meals.

Try not to allow five hours between grazing.

The fact is you are not burning many calories when your blood sugar levels are low. You will also tend to make poor choices too. Yes, you may have to pre plan your day. Yes, you may have to eat more often duringrepparttar 150831 day. But, inrepparttar 150832 long run, you will lose more weight if your blood sugar levels are not as if you are riding a rollercoaster.

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