The Psychology Behind Sticking to an Exercising Program!

Written by Greg Ryan

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Twenty-two years ago, I attended college. Instead of studying, I wandered into a gym inrepparttar basement ofrepparttar 148890 menís dormitory. I didnít have a bit of knowledge of how to begin an exercise program, where to go to start, or who to turn to for help. After about a month of blindly making my way throughrepparttar 148891 steel machines, buffed bodies, and stinky locker rooms, something dawned on me. And to this day has kept me exercising all these years. I started to realize that whatever I was doing, it was going to impact my life more than I could imagine. Exercise and eating properly were not only going to change my life, but it was also going to propel me into making an impact on others. You can be motivated, but not disciplined. However, you cannot be disciplined without being motivated.


I understood there would be some good attitude days and some very bad ones. I knew some workouts would make me feel good and others where I never wanted to see a treadmill again. But, deep inside, I realized that just one more day could make a difference. For just one more day, I could force myself to eat good food. For just one more day, I realized this was not about my selfish attitude and me.

ITíS THE BIG PICTURE Each of you is different. You will put into exercise a certain amount of effort and everyone will get something different from it. You cannot just package good intentions and say, ďIf you do this or if you buy that, you will receive this in return.Ē It just doesnít work that way. But, I will guarantee you this: committing to exercise and eating right will bring you nothing but positive and fulfilling rewards, both physically and emotionally. It could very well save your life some day. It saved mine!


I have bad days. I have good days. I have days I had wish I had never started exercising. I want fried foods some days. I eat fried foods sometimes. I want to take a vacation from it all. I take a vacation from it all. Yet, atrepparttar 148892 end ofrepparttar 148893 day, some small voice inside reminds me of that decision I made many years ago. I canít turn back even when I want to. I made a commitment to myself years ago: Never be afraid to ask for help and realize every day to focus onrepparttar 148894 big picture. What about you? Are you going to sell out to being miserable, achy, low energy, and suffer from low self-esteem? Or are you going to make a meaningful decision to get in better health? Letís do it together.

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Say Goodbye To Dieting

Written by Cori Sachais Swidorsky

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it off. What maderepparttar difference for me is that I maderepparttar 148856 choice to not treat it as a diet, but a way of life. I learned how to eatrepparttar 148857 foods I enjoy, but in a healthier way. Instead of white bread, I choose to eat wheat or grain bread, instead of white potatoes, I choose to eat yams or sweet potatoes. We donít have to give up our favorite desserts or pasta, but we donít have to eat them four or five days a week either.

If I want ice cream, chocolate or French-fries, then thatís what I allow myself to have, I donít deprive myself of anything I want to eat. What I do though, is go right back to my way of life eating habits.

Why choose a temporary weight loss solution, when you can choose a permanent one? Say goodbye to dieting and choose a way of life.

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