The Prophecy of Suffering

Written by Angelique Watkins

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Man's wickedness and sin did increase to large proportions. Mankind was lose according to The Divine Inspired Word of God.

Something had to be done. God sent Himself, a third part ofrepparttar Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). HE stepped out of ETERNITY to be born of a human virgin female. HE stepped offrepparttar 126973 highest throne created. He did payrepparttar 126974 price for every imaginable sin you can possibly think of.

It is mankind who cheated on God. We have placed everything from money to drugs and others things above Him.

I may say I forgive you, but is it really inrepparttar 126975 back of my mind forever? So you see, I (maybe you) are very weak and fragile creatures.

As I (We) try to faithfully follow Jesus/Yeshua (Hebrew name for Jesus which means Salvation) fromrepparttar 126976 upper room torepparttar 126977 cross of Calvary, we are comforted byrepparttar 126978 fact that in suffering Jesus was bearing our grief and and carrying our sorrows. HE died and has overcome for us allrepparttar 126979 enemies,evil one attacks of our soul's salvation. Sin. The Evil One. The Devil, may accuse us, butrepparttar 126980 Anointed, our Advocate beforerepparttar 126981 Father, is our Shield against allrepparttar 126982 foes of our soul. Jesus is indeed my Shield to protect and provide for me in perfect security inrepparttar 126983 salvation He has won for me and all who choose HIM.

And back to my mother, something that I thought about at her death bed there were two of us on each side, my sister and me. I thank Jesus for this thought. Amen

Biblical truths: God's Protection. Psalm 84:11...Forrepparttar 126984 Lord is a sun and shield; He bestows favor and honor.

The Lesson: Amongrepparttar 126985 things God provides forrepparttar 126986 protection of HIS children isrepparttar 126987 ministry of HIS holy angels.

Prayer: Father, God of Issac, Abraham and Jacob thank you for this privilege to share, thank you for your holy angels that are encamped around us, keep and protect us fromrepparttar 126988 evil one(s), open our eyes to seerepparttar 126989 crafts and assaults ofrepparttar 126990 evil one. Teach us how to love ALL Mankind. Amen...

Scripture Reference: Crusade @ Bible Publishers, Inc. 1970, Mt. Juliet, Tn, USA, 37122

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Why Should I Pray?

Written by Stanley T. Crawford

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Prayer can have a cause and effect impact on our lives. For instance, when Paul was in prisonrepparttar people ofrepparttar 126972 church constantly prayed and God sent an angel to free Paul from prison (Acts 12: 5- 11). In addition, Jesus prayed to God on Peter’s behalf (Luke 22:31 & 32), he prayed for Peter’s faith, that it shouldn’t fail. Also, Jesus prayed for himself and his disciples (Matthew 26:36-46)

In conclusion, we can see that since God answers prayer then nothing is impossible. In addition, we can pray to God about any issue that concerns us. We can give thanks, we can make requests. A great thing about our prayers is that we don’t have to tell anyone about what we pray. Pray for yourself, your parents, your brother, your sister, your boss, your present, your future, your country, and your “?”. Pray, pray, and pray!!!

Copyright 2003, Stanley T. Crawford, isrepparttar 126973 editor of, “People ofrepparttar 126974 Bible,” and webmaster of All Rights Reserved.

Copyright 2003, Stanley T. Crawford, is the editor of, “People of the Bible,” and webmaster of All Rights Reserved.

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