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Written by Frank Reilly

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in Iraq - (the public version). When one considers thatrepparttar names here, printed atrepparttar 137195 bottom ofrepparttar 137196 "Statement of Principles" onrepparttar 137197 site reads like a who's who inrepparttar 137198 George W. Bush Administration, and in American politics inrepparttar 137199 past decade, it makes complete sense thatrepparttar 137200 current administration is carrying outrepparttar 137201 mandates of this document verbatim, to wit, an absolute adherence to every single feature inrepparttar 137202 document,repparttar 137203 result being a conquest for world domination! I don't care what anyone says, or how much criticism I take for it,repparttar 137204 current activities of those in power, look more likerepparttar 137205 first horse ofrepparttar 137206 apocalypse than anything ever witnessed onrepparttar 137207 world stage. (more on that later) There can no longer be any question inrepparttar 137208 heart of a Christian who reads this document, (Rebuilding America's Defenses), about whatrepparttar 137209 George W. Bush Administration is "up to". This document was written by, and is supported by all those surrounding him, and make no mistake about it, THIS isrepparttar 137210 agenda ofrepparttar 137211 George W. Bush administration, regardless of what idealistic or holy hat anyone may be trying to place on him, this document outlines a clear roadmap forrepparttar 137212 coming years! The fact that Cheney was ordered to re-writerepparttar 137213 document means little givenrepparttar 137214 fact that Wolfowitz is here on this draft as well. The point being that what our leaders now say only becamerepparttar 137215 case BECAUSE ofrepparttar 137216 911 attacks, we will prove here has beenrepparttar 137217 case in this circle of men since 1992.

It is truly amazing to us at 11th Hour, in light ofrepparttar 137218 events ofrepparttar 137219 past 4 years, allrepparttar 137220 excuses, allrepparttar 137221 pretending that this government is taken by surprise by current world events, whenrepparttar 137222 charter written byrepparttar 137223 PNAC,repparttar 137224 people that now make uprepparttar 137225 current Administration, a document started in 1998, released in 2000, based on a document written by Cheney's boys in 1992 no less, are coming true exactly in concert withrepparttar 137226 goals of this document. How convenient!

Please do not miss this Article! If you are a Christian who cares aboutrepparttar 137227 image thatrepparttar 137228 Church presents inrepparttar 137229 World today, this could be one ofrepparttar 137230 most important documents you ever read!

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Feeling Squeezed by Political Correctness

Written by Terry Mitchell

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The Right tells us: (1) The actions of a conservative Republican president should never be questioned but it is quite okay and even encouraged to bash a liberal Democrat president for every little peccadillo. My take: This is complete hypocrisy. (2) Whenrepparttar President decides to takerepparttar 136885 country to war (or is even contemplating it), criticizing or protesting that decision is un-American, unpatriotic, and even borders on treasonous. This kind of stuff gives aid and comfort torepparttar 136886 enemy and there should be certain consequences for those who do this. You should followrepparttar 136887 President in mindless lock-step when he decides to go to war. Whether or not that decision makes any sense to you is irrelevant. My take: One of our most valued rights as U.S. citizens is to protest anything thatrepparttar 136888 government does that we don't agree with, including making war. (3) The Second Amendment is absolute and cannot be infringed upon but more limits need to be placed onrepparttar 136889 First Amendment. Allrepparttar 136890 sex, violence, and vulgarity on TV, inrepparttar 136891 movies, and in video games are not doing anyone any good and must be curbed substantially either through boycotts, intimidation, and/or government intervention. Not only must children be protected from this filth, but adults need to be as well. After all, this kind of stuff causes people to commit crimes such as murder and rape. My take: The people who spend so much time worrying about what someone else is watching, hearing, or reading would be better served to just turn off and/or avoidrepparttar 136892 stuffrepparttar 136893 they claim offends them and endangers their children. If they did, a lot of it would disappear for lack of a market/audience. Parents are ultimately responsible for monitoring their children's reading, listening, and viewing habits. It is not my responsibility and it's notrepparttar 136894 government's responsibility. In fact, whenrepparttar 136895 government gets involved, it is nothing less than censorship. Also, there is not any credible evidence that sex and violence inrepparttar 136896 media causes people to commit crimes. Even if there was,repparttar 136897 principle of personal responsibility dictates that those crimes should not be pinned on anyone or anything other thanrepparttar 136898 criminals themselves. (4) Laws should be written with a bias toward "family values", even if these laws cause single people with no children to feel like second class citizens. For example, tax laws, drug laws, zoning laws, etc. should be geared towardrepparttar 136899 benefit of traditional family units. Also, there are certain actions that should be illegal, even if they appear onrepparttar 136900 surface to be victimless crimes. The real victim of these actions isrepparttar 136901 traditional family unit and it must be protected in order to maintain a free and prosperous society. My take: The "equal protection under law" provision of our Constitution requires that everyone be treated equally. Any bias toward traditional family units is not only a violation ofrepparttar 136902 Constitution but also stems from a misapplication of biblical teachings (which know nothing ofrepparttar 136903 ofrepparttar 136904 kind of “family values” being pushed on everyone byrepparttar 136905 Right). In addition, no action that is without a clear and direct victim should be illegal. The fact that it might be vile and repulsive is not alone enough to justify making it illegal. Any evidence ofrepparttar 136906 effect of victimless crimes onrepparttar 136907 traditional family is only anecdotal at best. That's just a small sampling from both sides but you getrepparttar 136908 picture. We will have true liberty in this country only when no one is allowed to impose his or her will on anyone else and everyone can be free to speak his or her mind withoutrepparttar 136909 fear of retaliation or censorship. Political correctness on both ends ofrepparttar 136910 political spectrum isrepparttar 136911 one thing that's standing inrepparttar 136912 way of this lofty goal.

Terry Mitchell is a software engineer, freelance writer, and trivia buff from Hopewell, VA. He also serves as a political columnist for American Daily and operates his own website - - on which he posts commentaries on various subjects such as politics, technology, religion, health and well-being, personal finance, and sports. His commentaries offer a unique point of view that is not often found in mainstream media.

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