The Process of 'Vivid Thinking' Which Makes Success Certain! - Part 1

Written by Jason Katzenback

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This study will not mean much to you unless you realize that an idea differs from a mental image, and unless you discriminate betweenrepparttar process of "thinking-in-ideas" and that of "thinking-in-vivid-images."

Your mind is a living consciousness, but you often permitrepparttar 142652 greater part of its con­tent to die. The content is usually a colony of corpses of images which were once alive. That isrepparttar 142653 difference between ideas and vivid images. Ideas arerepparttar 142654 dead corpses of images which were once living and vivid.

In his mind,repparttar 142655 successful inventive genius forms vivid images of every part ofrepparttar 142656 machine which he is constructing. Be­fore it is made, he mentally sees each part separately, and all parts assembled and working together. After examining a new machine he is able at any time to re-image a picture ofrepparttar 142657 machine. He re-seesrepparttar 142658 image whenrepparttar 142659 physical object is no longer present. That is thinking in vivid images.

You look atrepparttar 142660 same machine; but, after leaving it, you are able "only to think about it." That is thinking in ideas. Vividness is a quality of mind which makes geniuses, and it can be developed. When you read "the iron is hot," you think ofrepparttar 142661 idea of heat. When you accidentally put your finger tip onrepparttar 142662 red hot iron, your mind thinks in vivid images of special heat, because an image isrepparttar 142663 immediate result of sense impressions. A vivid image is formed by sense impres­sions. So, you can develop vividness in thinking by use of your special senses-by use of all of them. There are more than five special senses. There are twelve. They are color, sound, smell, taste, balance, motion, direction, heat, cold, weight, tactility, and pressure. Images formed by using only a few senses may lead to mistakes. Vivid images formed by using allrepparttar 142664 senses are infallible.

Success begins by testing every factor of your plan by vivid sense images. That means testing what you plan to do by men­tal pictures formed by use of all ofrepparttar 142665 senses. If you are testing a thing, userepparttar 142666 special senses themselves. If you are test­ing plans or propositions, userepparttar 142667 sense images.

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Wealth Creation Investor

Written by Sean Rasmussen

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I tookrepparttar leap of faith and jumped intorepparttar 142624 wealth creation arena with a semi confident leap around 16 months ago. Withrepparttar 142625 help from a gentleman byrepparttar 142626 name of Jamie McIntyre from 21st Century Academy, I was able to learn how to make money from renting shares onrepparttar 142627 sharemarket, locate positive cashflow properties ofrepparttar 142628 plan and fast track my path towards financial independence while doing most of my work from home.

Earning 2% return per month for my investments would at first be an attractive idea in mine and most peoples wealth creation plan. Whenrepparttar 142629 knowledge then increased through lots of study and a real concerted effort to break away fromrepparttar 142630 everyday norm, I then realised ( and proved ) that 15 – 20% per month was and is very achievable. Last month I managed a 32% monthly return for one 5 figure investment.

I am obviously very grateful forrepparttar 142631 ideas, knowledge and general change of mindset thatrepparttar 142632 likes of Jamie McIntyre and his friends at 21st Century Academy and 21st Century New Zealand have passed on to me so generously. Now I am able to share this knowledge myself and get extra enjoyment sharing this newfound knowledge in my favourite field of wealth creation investment.

Sean Rasmussen is a part time investor and runs these sites: Wealth Creation with Jamie McIntyre Free wealth creation DVD with Jamie McIntyre Property Investment. Wealth Creation in Real Estate

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