The Problem of Unconsciousness

Written by Peter M.K. Chan

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So, this is what I mean byrepparttar problem of unconsciousness - temporary loss of consciousness and permanent loss of memory. One possible dance out of this problem, ifrepparttar 122232 reader have not already guessed, is to say that sincerepparttar 122233 body-brain isrepparttar 122234 equipment ofrepparttar 122235 soul, it should only be expected that its operations would be affected when part ofrepparttar 122236 equipment is damaged. That sounds plausible, but not exactly coherent. For one thing, if consciousness and memory were onrepparttar 122237 side ofrepparttar 122238 soul as claimed, it is incoherent to think that a soul would lose its consciousness and memory simply because part of its equipment is down. As a matter of fact, if this type of reasoning were allowed, it would be equivalent to admitting that consciousness and memory are partially dependent onrepparttar 122239 body-brain, if not totally carried by it. That would renderrepparttar 122240 soul theory very confusing indeed. It should thus be seen that unless this problem is also coherently explained, this traditional belief inrepparttar 122241 detachability of soul from body is about to graduate fromrepparttar 122242 kinder garden of empirical experience.

The crux ofrepparttar 122243 problem is this. If consciousness and memory were indeed onrepparttar 122244 side ofrepparttar 122245 soul as presumed, it should follow that temporary unconsciousness and permanent loss of memory for anyone under any bodily circumstance should not have occurred. The fact that these do occur should be sufficient to show that belief inrepparttar 122246 persistence of persons as souls in a spiritual hereafter is not really intelligible for what it is about. More torepparttar 122247 point, what this means is that it is more straightforward and probable to believe that consciousness and memory arerepparttar 122248 feats of body-brains. It also means that a human person should not have been construed asrepparttar 122249 composite of a body and a soul, much less that consciousness and memory could actually be carried forward byrepparttar 122250 soul into a spiritual realm.

But why, you may wonder, are there still so many soul-believers around? Let me submit thatrepparttar 122251 main reasons are two. One is our human desire for a more pleasant time in a personal hereafter. The other is that it is not easy to explain how consciousness, memory, and thought could possibly have arisen from body-brains or any of their material constituents. How is it possible for a mere material thing such asrepparttar 122252 brain with texture not too unlike bean curd and ice cream, to become conscious, remember and think? This is a question that has refused to go away. And if I may say so, this is alsorepparttar 122253 reason whyrepparttar 122254 belief in spiritual souls has managed to keep its creditors at bay and thus prevented from total bankruptcy for so long. As a matter of fact,repparttar 122255 question is so sticky that modern philosophy had eventually also decided to give it a name. It is usually referred to timidly asrepparttar 122256 mind-body problem. I said ‘timidly’ because no philosopher then would want to step too explicitly onrepparttar 122257 soul’s toes.

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'Palmistry for Fun and Profit' - A Remarkable Ebook Review

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

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