The Premium Movie Channel Paradigm Could Soon Face Extinction

Written by Terry Mitchell

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Not to be outdone, several smaller companies also plan to compete inrepparttar broadband-to-TV market. Akimbo Systems ( debuted its service last fall and is currently inrepparttar 133358 process of expanding. Similar ventures such as DAVETV (, TimeShift TV, (, and VCinema ( plan to enterrepparttar 133359 market later this year. All of these companies plan to offer almost unlimited amounts of movies, TV shows, sports, specialty programming, and international programs via a set-top box interface between a broadband connection and a TV set. This programming will be culled fromrepparttar 133360 vast internet universe and made available for TV viewing. For a more detailed description of these services, see my related article entitled, “The Coming Television Revolution.”

If nothing else, all of these developments should compel cable companies to offer a much more competitive form of VOD. Comcast, one ofrepparttar 133361 leading cable providers and a partner with Sony in its recent purchase ofrepparttar 133362 MGM movie library, is now inrepparttar 133363 process of rolling out its advanced VOD platform. The other cable companies are sure to be following suit real soon. Meanwhile,repparttar 133364 premium services have still been slogging along. The premium channel paradigm has long outlived its original usefulness and has only been able to hang around because ofrepparttar 133365 lack of a good VOD system thus far. The only thing really going forrepparttar 133366 premiums right now is their award-winning original programming; including series’ like “The Sopranos”, “Dead Like Me”, and “Six Feet Under.” Perhapsrepparttar 133367 premium services could morph into original-programming-only services in order to survive. However, they’d have to seriously increaserepparttar 133368 number of series’ (andrepparttar 133369 number of episodes of each) they produce. Perhaps they could also carry longer and/or alternative versions of programs already aired on broadcast television and basic cable. In addition, they would have to find a way to lower their subscription rates. I’m not sure all of that would be feasible. One thing I do know for sure is that people would not continue to subscribe torepparttar 133370 premium channels for their movie content once they could conveniently pull up virtually any movie or TV show they wanted, any time they wanted.

Terry Mitchell is a software engineer, freelance writer, and trivia buff from Hopewell, VA. He also serves as a political columnist for American Daily and operates his own website - - on which he posts commentaries on various subjects such as politics, technology, religion, health and well-being, personal finance, and sports. His commentaries offer a unique point of view that is not often found in mainstream media.

BIGSQUID RFID : Emerging to RFID Enterprise Solution

Written by Gireesh

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The RFID readers verifyrepparttar pallet license plate, countrepparttar 133357 units onrepparttar 133358 pallet, identifyrepparttar 133359 vendor, and confirmrepparttar 133360

purchase order receipt without human intervention inrepparttar 133361 business transaction. RFID inrepparttar 133362 Conversion Business Process: RFID readers can be placed alongrepparttar 133363 flow path of a manufacturing process.

Work-in-process, or WIP, can be enabled by RFID tags for tracking and monitoringrepparttar 133364 conversion of raw materials and

intermediates into finished goods and stock-keeping units. This material information is integrated withrepparttar 133365 ERP production

order transaction process to track manufacturing steps and issue production transactions. RFID inrepparttar 133366 Customer Order Picking Business Process: Forklift drivers will use RFID readers to select case and pallet

materials to pick order and assemblerepparttar 133367 shipment. Elimination of staging and verification processes can yield savings.

This material information is integrated withrepparttar 133368 ERP warehouse and order management process to updaterepparttar 133369 customer order pick


RFID inrepparttar 133370 Shipping Business Process: Forklift drivers and warehouse bays will use RFID readers to track case and pallet

materials onto trucks. This material information is integrated withrepparttar 133371 ERP warehouse and order management process to update

the customer order shipment. The RFID value proposition propagates ifrepparttar 133372 RFID infrastructure is leveraged by other enterprises inrepparttar 133373 downstream value


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BIGSquid is an industrial grade RFID Reader and an intelligent device. BIGSquid Navigator has built-in features, which allows

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BIGSquid Reader Controller Modules

BIGSquid Reader controller modules are an essential companion when you deploy multiple RFID readers in geographically

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BIGSquid RFID Middleware Server

The Server part ofrepparttar 133375 BIGSquid RFID collectsrepparttar 133376 tag information and updates inrepparttar 133377 database. The server will be running in

the backend as a Service. Whenever there is a read at any particular reader it will be validated and will be stored in

database against particular inventory.

The server will readrepparttar 133378 tag value precisely and will not miss any valid data. The validation part first checks whetherrepparttar 133379

data that has been captured is valid or not and then it will check forrepparttar 133380 object or inventory that tag value represents and

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Gireesh A Sr. Software Engineer BIGSuid RFID

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