The Powerful Secret to A Loving Relationship

Written by Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

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Samanthaís intention was to have control over getting what she wanted. She equates an expensive vacation with love Ė if Jason does this for her, then he proves his love for her. She used her anger as a way to have control over getting what she wants. She wants control over feeling special to Jason.

Jasonís intention is to avoid pain. He gave himself up to have control over Samantha not being angry with him. He hopes that by giving Samantha what she wants, she will see him as a good and loving husband.

However, because both Jason and Samantha were trying to control each other rather than be loving to themselves and each other, their interaction created emotional distance.

What would this have looked like if their intention had been to learn?

If Samanthaís intent had been to learn, she would not have become angry. Instead, she would have wanted to understand Jasonís objections. If Jasonís intention had been to learn, he would not have given himself up. Instead he would have wanted to understand why this particular vacation was so important to Samantha. Both Samantha and Jason would have been caring about themselves and each other, rather than wanting to get love or avoid pain. In their mutual exploration about why they each feltrepparttar way they did, they would have learned what they needed to learn - about themselves and each other - to reach a win-win resolution. Instead of Samantha ostensibly winning and Jason losing, they would have come up with something both of them could live with. With some exploration of his financial fears, Jason might have decided thatrepparttar 150518 vacation Samantha wanted would be fine. With understand of Jasonís financial concerns, Samantha might have decided on a less expensive vacation. In either case, both of them would have felt fine aboutrepparttar 150519 outcome.

No matter how much Jason and Samantha have in common or are attracted to each other, their love will diminish when their intent is to control rather than learn. Itís amazing how quickly love vanishes when one or both partners haverepparttar 150520 intent to control. Itís equally amazing how fast it comes back when both partners haverepparttar 150521 intent to learn.

Margaret Paul, Ph.D. is the best-selling author and co-author of eight books, including "Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By You?" She is the co-creator of the powerful Inner Bonding healing process. Visit her web site for a FREE Inner Bonding course: or email her at

Maid of Honor Duties

Written by Samantha Taylor

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  • It'srepparttar maid of honor's duty to recordrepparttar 150248 names ofrepparttar 150249 guests atrepparttar 150250 bridal party as well as their gifts. It is also her job to send out thank you cards to all guests.

  • Duringrepparttar 150251 wedding ceremony, it'srepparttar 150252 maid of honor's responsibility to hold ontorepparttar 150253 groom's ring (the best man is required to hold ontorepparttar 150254 bride's ring).

  • It'srepparttar 150255 maid of honor's responsibility (as well asrepparttar 150256 best man's) to signrepparttar 150257 wedding license as a witness.

  • Finally, it is tradition forrepparttar 150258 maid of honor and best man to dance together atrepparttar 150259 reception.

    If you are a first-time maid of honor and need help planning there are many people who would be eager to help out starting withrepparttar 150260 bride's mom orrepparttar 150261 bridesmaids. There are also a number of Internet resources to assist you with bridal planning and ideas.

    The maid of honor has many responsibilities, but it's important to remember thatrepparttar 150262 bride would not have chosen you if she didn't think you were capable of fulfilling these obligations.

    Samantha Taylor spent several years working in the weddings industry as a wedding planner. When she isn't being a mom of two wonderful children, she works as a freelance writer for - a site that offers information about everything wedding related - from hosting a wedding reception to wedding speeches and more.

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