The Power of the Proposal - Preparing Winning Tender Packages

Written by Mel-Lynda Andersen

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Be Prepared:

∑ Ask questions well in advance. If anyone on your team has any questions aboutrepparttar RFP, make sure that you ask them well in advance ofrepparttar 145016 query deadline. And because agency replies are typically distributed to all proponents, itís important to carefully phrase your questions, so that you do not give away any information on strategy or pricing to your competition.

∑ Create a budget checklist to ensure that you have accounted for all proposed revenues, expenses and additional costs.

∑ Allow plenty of time to gather allrepparttar 145017 financial information you will require. Make sure you understandrepparttar 145018 financial nature ofrepparttar 145019 RFP Ė fixed fee, cost-plus, etc. and price your proposal accordingly.

Be Compliant:

∑ Followrepparttar 145020 RFP outline and structure exactly when preparing your proposal. The contracting agency will be comparing your ďapplesĒ to those of your competition; you donít want them hunting for information because you chose to follow a different format.

∑ Follow all proposal preparation instructions exactly. If you take one step out of line your proposal could be eliminated before itís even read or considered.

∑ Followrepparttar 145021 conventions and structure specified exactly inrepparttar 145022 RFP. Donít assume thatrepparttar 145023 contracting agency has any prior knowledge of your organizationís staff, capabilities and work experience. Their job is to review, compare and contrast only that information which is contained in each proposal.

Be Convincing:

∑ Fully describerepparttar 145024 value and benefits of your organizationís products and services, not justrepparttar 145025 features. These benefits may seem completely obvious to you, but they may not be quite so obvious torepparttar 145026 decision makers. If you can clearly and directly describerepparttar 145027 benefits to your contracting agency, and convince these decision makers that your proposal containsrepparttar 145028 biggest and most important benefits, you will automatically set yourself above your competition.

∑ Clearly answerrepparttar 145029 who, what, when, where and why details specified inrepparttar 145030 RFP.

∑ Use tables, charts and other graphic elements to display information and break up large chunks of text. This will make your proposal easier to read, digest and evaluate.

Be Sure:

∑ Accurately document and list any assumptions you make when presenting your budget. Triple-check that all numbers add up. Print out a hard copy of your budget to assist in spotting errors. When displaying numbers, make sure you use a font that is large enough and easy to read.

∑ Proofread for consistency throughout your proposal in terms of spelling, punctuation, section headings, etc. Ensure that each copy of your proposal contains all pages inrepparttar 145031 correct order.

∑ Complete and sign all associated forms that must accompany your bid. Readrepparttar 145032 submission instructions over one last time to ensure that you have included everything and followed instructions exactly.


The Executive Summary isrepparttar 145033 most important section of your proposal

The Executive Summary isrepparttar 145034 first (and sometimesrepparttar 145035 only) section that will be read by RFP decision makers. Whilerepparttar 145036 Executive Summary appears first in most proposals, it should berepparttar 145037 last section that you write, as it must capture your proposalís highlights, and it must underscorerepparttar 145038 strength and competence of your team.

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Want To Stop Leaving Your Prospects Feeling "Naked"? Use TheCurious "Power" Of Three!

Written by Craig Garber

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75 over-sized comfy rooms that each facerepparttar ocean! You'll want to make sure you've got your video camera handy as you're unwinding on your private balcony watchingrepparttar 144201 daily sunset, listening torepparttar 144202 waves roll up againstrepparttar 144203 shore right outside your window! 3, 5-Star restaurants! And each one of them offers you a minimum of 27 tasty meals and 11 local desserts, all prepared fresh, daily. (Plus, you get our "If you don't like it -- you don't pay for it, guarantee!") And lastly... 2, sun-drenched swimming pools! Both complete with waterfalls... heated jacuzzis... and an in-pool tropical bar, and each landscaped with their own beach and tropical theme. Also, with a snack-bar and grill located within a half-minute walk, you won't ever have to worry about going hungry (or thirsty) while you're enjoying all your outdoor activities! See, when you use 2 examples, you're not able to process what you heard, as quickly and naturally as when you're using 3 examples.

What happens is, inside your head, things just aren't computing right.

Instead of focusing onrepparttar 144204 information, inrepparttar 144205 back of your mind, you're expecting that third item to come tumbling out, and you're left wondering, "Did you not get your third item delivered to you becauserepparttar 144206 person couldn't think of one... they didn't know what it was... or maybe they just forgot to tell it to you?

Who Knows?

You just can't figure it out, butrepparttar 144207 bottom line is, you didn't leave feeling confident, "at ease" and satisfied. Instead,

You Left... Feeling Incomplete And... ďNakedĒ!

So make sure, whenever you're talking about a list of items, you deliver that third item -- don't just stop after 2.

This "power of three" holds true even if you're saying something in a sentence.

For instance, saying "If you've ever experienced any kind of severe back pain or soreness in your shoulders, our intense 7-minute executive massage, is guaranteed to give you complete and thorough relief, throughoutrepparttar 144208 rest of your day"...

Leaves people feeling less complete than saying...

"If you've ever experienced any kind of severe back pain... stiffness in your neck... or soreness in your shoulders, our intense 7-minute Executive Massage, is guaranteed to give you complete and thorough relief, throughoutrepparttar 144209 rest of your day."

See what I mean?

Use this curious power of three to make your sales copy read smoother.

You may be interested to know, this "power of three" also applies torepparttar 144210 total number of fonts you use in your sales copy as well.

You see, testing shows, once you have more than 3 different kinds of fonts on your page, you start scrambling your prospects minds a bit and you begin to lose them.

And as you know...

That'srepparttar 144211 last thing you ever want to do!

And byrepparttar 144212 way, an italicized font, is considered to be a separate font for these purposes.

Craig Garber is one of America's Top Direct-Response Copywriters and Direct-Marketing Consultants. For more copywriting tips, go to Copyright 2005

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